How to control Server Access

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Studio Enterprise

There are different ways to control access to your Bluebeam Studio Enterprise server

  • Can configure AD integration and only allow AD accounts, can restrict via AD groups
  • Server Permissions Tab of Portal – can set default to be no access and allow certain domains
  • It is NOT possible for Studio Administrators to create Studio Accounts.

The Server Permissions tab of the Studio Portal allows the Studio administrators to set default permissions for new users by domain as well as for Active Directory users (when Studio Enterprise is integrated with Active Directory).

There are three permissions that can be enabled:

  • Server Access: When enabled, the user can log into Studio Enterprise and participate in Studio Projects and Sessions to which they have been invited.
  • Create Project: When enabled, the user can create Studio Projects on the server. Requires Server Access permissions.
  • Create Session: When enabled, the user can create Studio Sessions on the server. Requires Server Access permissions.

To configure default server permissions:

  1. Log into the Studio Enterprise Portal.
  2. Select the Server Permissions tab.
  3. Select the permissions for Active Directory Default, if applicable. These are the default permissions that will be applied to all Active Directory users added going forward.
    • Active Directory Default only appears when the Authentication Mode established on the AD Integration tab (See “AD Integration” in the Studio Enterprise Guide) is set to either Mixed Mode Credentials or Active Directory Credentials Only.
  4. Select the permissions for Studio Users Default.
    • For Studio accounts, default permissions are determined by domain. Studio Users Default defines the permissions that are applied to any user not captured by a domain-specific set of permissions.
  5. To add domain-specific default permissions:
    1. Click Add to add a new
    2. Enter the domain (for example, “”) for this set of permissions in the Domain
    3. Select the desired permissions from the corresponding By default, no permissions are enabled.
    4. Repeat this process to add more domains as
    5. To remove a domain, click Cancel to the right of the corresponding row.

      Active Directory Default and Studio Users Default cannot be removed.

    6. Click Save.

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