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Bluebeam Revu

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View the latest online help documentation for Revu.

Getting Started Guides

Bluebeam Revu  Bluebeam Vu

Feature Overview

Download our Feature Overview to help you fully utilize all of the features within Revu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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Forms Help

How to create and edit PDF Forms in Bluebeam Revu eXtreme®.

Bluebeam Administrator

How to use the Bluebeam Administrator for various tasks, such as backing up your Revu settings, sending the Revu log files to Bluebeam Technical Support, activating or deactivating our plugins for supported applications, and controlling the Bluebeam PDF printer.
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Installation & Configuration Guides

Installation Guide
Step-by-step process of installing Revu.

Revu Enterprise Installation Guide
Implementing Revu within your enterprise.

Enterprise Administrators Guide
Administering Revu after it’s deployed in an enterprise.

Revu in a Citrix Environment
Using Revu in a Citrix environment.

Studio Prime

Online Help

View the latest online guide for Studio Prime.
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Studio Enterprise

User Guide

View the latest guide for Studio Enterprise.
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Bluebeam Q

User Guide

View the latest guide for Bluebeam Q.
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