Drawings User Permissions

Drawings permissions can be assigned at two different levels: the Gateway level and the Project level. Depending on the permissions assigned to you, you’ll have different abilities.

Drawings permission levels

There are 3 levels of permissions within Drawings that a user can have:

View only 

Can view sheets that have already been published. This is the lowest permission level within Drawings – no additional permissions are required to view.

Publish only 

Can publish sheets that have already been uploaded, so others can view them.  To publish, you will need to be assigned the Full Control permission for the Project you are working in.

Upload and publish 

Can upload PDFs to Drawings and then publish them. For this permission level, you must be designated a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway, and have the Full Control permission assigned to you within the Project you are working.

Gateway level permissions – Drawings Uploader

The Gateway, Bluebeam’s admin portal, is where a license admin (also known as a Gateway admin) can designate users as Drawings Uploaders. Your license admin is typically the person who purchased Revu or an IT administrator.  If you want to be a Drawings Uploader, contact them.

You must be a Drawings Uploader to upload files. You’ll also need Full Control permissions within each Project where you’ll be uploading to Drawings.

For more information on assigning Drawings Uploaders , visit the Gateway User Guide.

Project level permissions – Full Control

Every Project has its own set of permissions which affect how you can engage with Drawings. The Full Control permission, in particular, grants users the ability to review and publish any files that have been uploaded to Drawings. Additionally, the Full Control permission is required for a Drawings Uploader to upload files to Drawings within that specific Project. Once a file is published it is available for view in Drawings by anyone, regardless of their permission level.

Project permissions can be edited by the Project owner, or those with Full Control, directly from Drawings. To grant another user Full Control:

  1. Open the Project.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Project Settings.
  4. Click the Permissions tab and select the the correct user from the Users list
  5. Next to Full Control, choose Allow.
  6. Click OK.

How they work together

There are 4 possible permission combinations in Drawings.  Here’s what each of them provides: 

  • A user who has been designated as a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway, but has not been given Full Control within a Project will have View Only permission in that Project.
  • A user who has not been designated as a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway and has not been given Full Control in a Project will have View Only permission in that Project.
  • A user who has not been designated as a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway but has been given the Full Control permission in a Project will have Publish Only permissions in that Project.
  • A user who has been designated as a Drawings Uploader in the Gateway and has also been given the Full Control permission within a Project will have Upload and Publish permissions for that Project.

This table illustrates the above:

Gateway – Drawings Uploader
Gateway – Not Drawings Uploader
Project – Full Control  Upload & Publish Publish Only
Project – No Full Control View Only View Only

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