Bluebeam Cloud app and browser comparison

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  • Bluebeam Cloud — Web
  • Bluebeam Cloud — iOS
  • Bluebeam Cloud — Android

With a Revu 21 subscription plan, you get access to Bluebeam Cloud, our app and browser solution for marking up PDFs and completing workflows in the field. To get started, create/confirm your Bluebeam ID, go to, or download the iOS or Android app. Then sign in. For more information about compatibility, click here. To compare the app and browser experience, view the table below.

Certain features and tasks listed below require Member or Admin permissions. For more information about permission levels in Bluebeam Cloud, please visit this article.
Feature/Task Browser iOS Android
Log in with Bluebeam ID (BBID)
View and access Projects
Search, filter, and view published Drawings
Manage punch items  
Manage RFIs  
View approved submittals by spec folder  
Edit project details  
View team  
Manage team members  
Add users to teams  
Edit profile  
Edit privacy settings  
Map view  
My Workspace    
Tool Chest    
Comments and Shapes (markup data, statuses, and replies)    
Markup Editor  
Upload drawings    
Create layers for map view    
Add new submittals    
Upload submittal log    
Filter submittal log by Status    
Export submittals    
Export RFIs    
Generate punch report    
Filter punch items by property    
Connect third-party integrations (US only)    
Export project data to integrations or Studio Projects    
Export project users    
Create new teams    
Work offline   Cached data
View and reply to markup comments    
Update the status of a markup    
Filter submittal log by Reviewer Response    
Filter punch items by Sheet Number    

Ready to start working in Bluebeam Cloud? Learn how to get started here.

Bluebeam Cloud


Learn what features and functionality are available in Bluebeam Cloud when you access projects via app or browser.

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