Creating and Managing RFIs in Bluebeam Cloud

This article applies to:

  • Bluebeam Cloud – Web
  • Bluebeam Cloud – iOS

Using Bluebeam Cloud on mobile allows you to quickly post RFIs to drawings and the map view to share across your devices. You’ll be able to quickly gather feedback and access the latest project info in real time. 

Posting and Forwarding an RFI 

To post an RFI, go to the RFIs Log and select Create RFI. Fill out the relevant information, including the subject, question, assignee, and any attachments you may want to add to the RFI.

Figure 1. Posting a new RFI

After you are finished filling out the form, select Send. Your RFI has now been created and will appear in the RFI Log with a red icon indicating its status as Open. 

Forwarding an RFI

You can also request additional information from the project team with RFI forwarding. To forward an RFI, simply open your desired RFI and select Forward.  Recipients will receive an email notification and will be able submit their response in Bluebeam Cloud web or mobile.

Figure 2. Forwarding an RFI to additional team members

Attaching an RFI to your drawings

To post an RFI directly to your drawings or the map view, open your desired drawing and select Post RFI. Select an RFI from the log and drag over the desired area on your drawing. After you are satisfied with the placement of the RFI, select Confirm Placement

You can view the details of an RFI or cycle between RFI revisions directly on your drawing, all without losing the visual context of your drawing.   

To learn about RFIs and the maps view, see Visualizing data using maps in Bluebeam Cloud.

Closing and Reopening an RFI

RFIs are closed after an official response has been submitted. If you need to revisit a previously closed RFI, you’ll be able to re-open the RFI and get further clarification without the need to open a new one. Note that only project admins will be able to re-open an RFI. To learn more about permissions, see  Permission levels in Bluebeam Cloud.

Figure 3. Reopening a closed RFI

To reopen an RFI, go the RFIs Log  and select a previously closed RFI. From the RFI details page, select Reopen.

Once the RFI is reopened, it will have all of the same capabilities as before, including attaching files, posting to a drawing/map, RFI forwarding, and submitting a response. Reopened RFIs will appear on the RFI log with their current status, along with a decimal after the original RFI ID. Opening the RFI ID dropdown will display previous revisions of that RFI, as shown below.

Selecting a previous revision of an RFI will open the details page for that revision. A notification on the details page will be displayed warning users that they are looking at an earlier version of the RFI.

All revised RFIs will be automatically updated across your devices and allow team members to access the latest information from the RFIs Log, drawing, or map.