Bluebeam Cloud in Read-only mode

Applies to:

  • Read-only
  • Basics

If you’re invited to a Bluebeam Cloud project and don’t have a subscription, you’ll have Read-only access after signing in with your Bluebeam ID (BBID). This article covers the functionality available for Read-only accounts in Bluebeam Cloud. For more information about Bluebeam Cloud subscription features for each Bluebeam Plan, visit this article.

What can I do with Read-only access and Viewer permissions?

In Bluebeam Cloud, you can still collaborate even if you don’t have an active Bluebeam Plan. However, you’ll encounter limited access to features.

With a Read-only or Basics account, you’ll have Viewer permissions by default. For more information about Bluebeam Cloud permission levels, visit this article.

As a user with Viewer permissions, you’ll be able to:

  • Join projects after being invited but can’t create new projects.
  • Participate in Studio Sessions for the web.
  • View and download drawings/documents in their respective tabs but don’t have access to the Markup Editor or Comments and Shapes.
  • Edit existing punch items and post existing RFIs on a drawing but can’t create new punch items or RFIs.
  • Review and respond to a submittal but can’t add a new submittal or upload/export a submittal log.
Bluebeam Cloud Read-only
To add markups and comments to drawings for design review, you’ll need a Core or Complete subscription.
If you sign into Bluebeam Cloud and encounter an empty dashboard, you’ll need to reach out to someone with Admin permissions to invite you to a project.

Why do I have Read-only / Viewer access after logging into Bluebeam Cloud?

Even though you don’t need a subscription to collaborate in Bluebeam Cloud, an active Bluebeam Plan will give you access to more features in the web/mobile app. You could be encountering limited functionality for any of the following reasons:

  • The Org Admin for your Bluebeam Plan has assigned you to Read-only. You’ll need to contact your Org Admin to request a subscription invitation.
  • Your Org Admin has assigned you to a Basics subscription plan, which also defaults to Viewer permissions. You’ll need to request Core or Complete access from your Org Admin.
  • You have a Core or Complete subscription but a Bluebeam Cloud Admin has set your permissions to Viewer. Contact a project Admin to request Member or Admin permissions.
  • You’ve been invited as an End User for a Bluebeam Plan but haven’t yet accepted the email invitation and activated your account.
  • Your free trial of subscription-based Bluebeam Solutions has expired. For more information, visit this article.
  • If you’re an Org Admin for a Bluebeam Account, you may still need to assign yourself to a subscription plan. For more information, please see the Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide.

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Have you encountered limited functionality in Bluebeam Cloud? This means you have Read-only access. Learn more about what’s available in Bluebeam Cloud without a subscription account.

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