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In Bluebeam Cloud, permission levels (Admin, Member, or Viewer) must be assigned when inviting users to a project. For users, permission levels define what actions they can perform. While all users in a project can view published drawings, certain actions are reserved for Admins and Members. To compare permissions, open the accordions below and view them by each category.

Basics and Read-only accounts have Viewer permissions by default. A project Admin can assign Core and Complete subscribers Viewer, Member, or Admin permissions. For more information about the features available for each subscription plan in Bluebeam Cloud, visit this article.

Action Viewer Member Admin
Invite users    
Edit project details    
Close projects    
Download project data  
Action Viewer Member Admin
Upload drawings    
Import drawings from integration(s)    
Import drawings from Studio Projects    
Publish and edit drawings    
Download drawings
Action Viewer Member Admin
Create punch items  
Edit punch item descriptions  
Set and edit Location, Due Date, and Assignee  
Set status to Open or Closed  
Generate punch reports  
Add or edit punch markup and photos
Set status to Out of Scope
Set status to Ready for Review
Action Viewer Member Admin
Create RFI    
Remove RFI from drawing view    
Post RFI    
Reopen RFI    
Edit RFI  
Respond to RFI
Download RFI
Export RFI log
Forward RFI
Respond to forwarded RFI
Respond to reopened RFI
Action Viewer Member Admin
View ‘My Submittals’  
Export ‘My Submittals’  
Upload submittal log    
Add new submittal    
View submittal log    
Export submittal log    
View approved submittals
Respond to submittal requests
Download submittals
Action Viewer Member Admin
Connect to SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and/or Google Drive    
Export project data to integration(s) or Studio Projects    
Action Viewer Member Admin
Create layer    

View and edit permission levels

When an Admin invites a user to join a project, the permission level is listed in the email invite. Once a user officially joins a project, they can view their permission level by going to Profile > Edit Profile and looking under Profile Details.

At any time, a project Admin can view or change a user’s permission level (including another Admin’s) from the Team dashboard.

How to choose the right permission levels

New to Bluebeam Cloud? Here are a few suggestions for choosing Viewer, Member, or Admin permissions for a collaborator.


A Viewer can see all published drawings, add photos to punch items, and respond to punch items. Here are some examples of project members who would benefit from Viewer permissions:

  • Owners
  • Consultants
  • State or city officials
  • Municipalities
  • Sub-subcontractors


A Member can create punch items and edit punch details such as location, assignee, and due date. Additionally, they can view all published drawings but won’t be able to upload any drawings.Typically, collaborators with Member permissions are out in the field, including but not limited to the following roles:

  • Superintendents
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects


An Admin can upload drawings to the project or import drawings from an integration or Studio Projects. The following roles would benefit from Admin permissions:

  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • General contractors and personnel

If you’re new to Bluebeam Cloud and would like more information about getting started, click here.

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Learn about permission levels in Bluebeam Cloud and compare Viewer, Member, and Admin permissions for your project.

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