Studio U.K. — iPad FAQ


Bluebeam® is starting up a Studio instance hosted in the U.K. This article provides more information on what to expect.

Relevant Products

Revu for iPad® 3.9.5

What’s the difference between Studio and Studio U.K.?

Until now, Studio has been hosted exclusively on an AWS instance hostedin the U.S. In order to better serve its European customers, Bluebeam has started up a separate AWS instance located in London.

Due to data law restrictions, the data stored in these servers must be kept separate. For this reason, Studio U.S. accounts cannot be used with Studio U.K., and vice versa. This applies to Studio Sessions and Projects as well: a Studio U.S. account cannot access Projects or Sessions on the U.K. server, and vice versa.

Studio U.K. is capable of running all Studio Project and Studio Session features — however, Studio Prime is not currently available.

Which server should I use?
Choosing which server to use depends largely on the needs of you and your company. Consider the following:
  • Your local laws may affect where you can store certain types of data.
  • Do you already have important data stored on one of the servers? Copying data from one server to the other must be done manually.
  • Which server do your colleagues use? Since Studio accounts as well as Projects and Sessions are incompatible between servers, you may have difficulty working with certain colleagues in Revu.
Which versions of Revu are supported?

Studio U.K. is fully supported by Revu for iPad 3.9.5. Please update your software through the App Store®.

Setting up Studio U.K.

If you have not logged into Studio on your machine before, Studio U.K. will be available automatically (see How do I connect to Studio U.K.?). If you have logged into Studio U.S. with an older version of Revu, you will have to add Studio U.K. manually:

Revu for iPad

Studio U.K. is only supported by Revu for iPad 3.95. Please update your software through the App Store®.
  1. Open the Preferences window.
  2. Select Studio from the sidebar.
  3. In the Server field, type
  4. Close the keyboard and the Preferences window.
How do I connect to Studio U.K.?
Have you logged into Studio U.S. with a previous version of Revu? You will have to set up Studio U.K. first.
Studio U.K. is only supported by Revu for iPad 3.95. Please update your software through the App Store®.
  1. Click on the Studio button.
  2. Click on the Connect button to open the log in screen.
  3. If this is your first time logging into Studio U.K., you will have to tap the Create Account button, then create a username and password. Otherwise, you can log in normally.
    You’ll receive a “Welcome to Bluebeam Studio” email containing a link for validating your new account. If the account isn’t validated within seven days, it will be disabled. The validation link will expire after 24 hours.¬†Clicking an expired validation link will notify Bluebeam to send you another link. If the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox, please check your spam or junk email folder, and make sure that is on the approved list of senders.

Can I transfer data from Studio U.S. to Studio U.K.?

Yes, you can copy data from the U.S. server and upload it to the U.K. server manually.