Can’t make custom columns or statuses in a Session

Applies to:

  • All versions of Revu


When working in a Session, you can’t make custom columns or new statuses.


When working in a Session, you can only use custom columns or statuses that were made prior to adding the document to the Session. Once the document is in a Session, the creation of any new custom columns or statuses is disabled.


If you need to create custom columns or statuses, you’ll have to move your document out of the Session and take it offline. With the document offline, create any new columns or statuses for the document, along with any other content changes. When you’re finished, re-upload the document to the Session.

If the document had markups placed on it while in a Session, and then gets downloaded locally and re-uploaded to the Session, you won’t be able to modify those markups.

To do this:

  1. While you’re in a Session, go to File > Save As and save a local copy of the document.
  2. Open the document offline.
  3. Create custom columns, statuses, or make content edits as needed.
  4. Save the updated document. Please note, if the original document is still in the Session, the filenames cannot be the exactly the same.
  5. Upload the document to your Session.

You should now see your custom columns or statuses in the Session.

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