Change the email address for your Studio account (BBID)

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Revu 2018 & below

Change your BBID email address

You can update your BBID email address at any time from our web portal. Please note that you must sign out of Studio for the duration of these steps.

  1. Save any work and sign out of all instances of Studio, including Studio on other devices.
  2. Click here and enter your existing BBID credentials. Click Sign in.
  3. Enter the replacement email address and click Change Email. You’ll receive an email containing a link to validate your new email address.
  4. Go to your Inbox, open the validation email and click Change My Bluebeam ID. If you don’t see it, check your Spam folder.
    Gateway admins who don’t use Studio can stop here. All Studio users proceed to the next step.
  5. From Revu, sign into Studio with your new BBID email. If you have multiple versions of Revu installed, open the most recent version and sign in to that one.

If you need to change your BBID password, see this article.

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