Configuring Revu to be a true 1:1 ratio to paper | Revu 2017 & below

You may have noticed that documents on your monitor are not displayed at their actual size when displayed at a zoom level of 100%. You can configure Revu to correct this, so that the PDF looks the same size on your screen as it would on paper.

What you’ll need

  • A measuring device, such as a ruler or tape measure.
  • A calculator.


Revu can be calibrated to your monitor by measuring the actual size of the Revu rulers. This lets you calculate the monitor’s pixels per inch (PPI) so it can be entered in the Resolution setting in the Revu Preferences.

  1. Open any PDF in Revu.
  2. Turn on the rulers in Revu: click View > Rulers or press Ctrl+R.
  3. Set the zoom level to 100%: click View > Actual Size or press Ctrl+8.
    The rulers will only be actual size at this zoom level.
  4. Use a ruler or tape measure to find the “Measured Distance” from the zero mark on the Revu ruler to another point along it. For example, 8 inches or 200 mm, which we’ll call the “Revu Ruler Distance.
  5. Click Settings > Preferences or press Ctrl+K.
  6. In the Preferences dialog box, select Rendering from the list and look for the Resolution setting near the bottom of the page.
    If this is the first time this calibration is being done, the default System Resolution of 96 will be selected. However, if a custom calibration has previously been set, the Custom option will already be enabled, with a custom Resolution value in the pixels/inch box.
  7. Click the Custom radio button and enter the result of the following formula in the Custom pixels/inch field.
    (Revu Ruler Distance ÷ Measured Distance) x the Current Resolution pixels/inch
    For Example:
    (Distance on the Revu Ruler ÷ Measured Distance) x Current Resolution pixels/inch = New Custom pixels/inch
    (8 in ÷ 8.25 in) x 96 = 93.09
    (200 mm ÷ 216 mm) x 96 = 88.89

The Custom value cannot be set lower than 50 pixels per inch, which means calibration of some large screens isn’t possible. Below are the largest screens that can be configured, based on resolution.

  • Standard HD (1920×1080): 44 inches or 112 cm
  • WQHD or QHD (2560×1440): 58 inches or 147 cm
  • 4K or UHD (3840×2160): 88 inches or 224 cm

This article explains how you can calibrate Revu so that the onscreen PDF is the same size as it would on the printed page. Click to learn more.

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