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Configure how scrolling operates in Revu for Mac and adjust mouse sensitivity.

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Bluebeam® Revu® for Mac® 2.0

There are two types of scrolling behaviors that are best depending on the type of PDF being viewed. When viewing a drawing, scrolling should zoom in and out; when viewing a text-based document, scrolling should pan up and down the page. To be adaptable to both types of PDFs, Revu has two different scrolling modes depending on the page view.

In Single page mode , mouse scrolling will zoom. In Continuous mode , scrolling through multiple PDFs is enabled.

Switching Modes

There are are two ways to switch to Single page mode:

  • Using a keyboard shortcut: Press Command-4
  • From the Menu Bar: Click View > Single page mode

There are two ways to switch to Continuous mode.

  • Using a keyboard shortcut: Press Command-5
  • From the Menu Bar: Click View > Continuous mode

The current mode can quickly be toggled by holding down the Command key while scrolling on your mouse.

A list of Revu keyboard shortcuts is available in the Revu Help menu and on our website.

Setting the Default Mode

The default mode can be defined in Preferences by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Revu > Preferences (Command-comma)
  2. Click Navigation on the left.
  3. Under Mouse Wheel, you can adjust the sensitivity level on a scale of 0 to 20. By default, sensitivity is set to 4.
  4. Click Document on the left.
  5. Change the Page Layout dropdown to the setting you want. This setting defines the default behavior when a new document in opened.
    • Single Page: Fits individual pages to the current workspace window.
    • Continuous: Opens multi-page PDFs in Continuous mode.
    • Auto Detect by Page Size: Determines the layout based on the page size: pages under 14? long will use the Continuous setting, while pages that are 14? and longer will use the Single Page setting.
  6. Click OK.

Revu for Mac offers various scrolling behaviors, depending on the type of PDF being viewed. Learn how to configure your mouse wheel and adjust sensitivity.

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