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You need a really quick way to create multiple custom punch symbols. Normally, you’d create a new tool set and then follow the steps listed in the Revu Help Guide, which involves one of two processes for each symbol. You’d either: Place an existing Punch symbol on a page, modify it, and then add it to a new or existing tool set. -Or- Place a text box and ellipse (circle) on a page, configure, arrange, and group all the parts, and then add the new symbol to the new tool set or an existing one. This may be fine if you’re creating a single symbol, but it can get really time consuming if for example, you have to build 10 of them.


You can create multiple Punch symbols at the same time by importing the basic properties for each one from a CSV file created in Excel into a new or preexisting tool set, without ever having to manually group the elements. To do this:

  1. Open a blank Excel file, and enter the basic properties for each new Punch symbol:
    1. Enter the Subject for each symbol in column A.
    2. You’ll then enter the abbreviation that will appear inside the Punch symbol in Column B.

      These are the letters you’ll see when the markup is placed on a drawing.

    3. Finally, you’ll need to enter the definition of the symbol in column C, which will appear in the Comments column of the Markup list, as well as the Properties tab.

      Once you’ve finished entering the information, save the file as a Comma Delimited CSV file. To do this, click Save in Excel, and when the Save As dialog opens, choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the Save as Type dropdown menu, and then save and close the file.

  2. Decide whether or not you want to create a new tool set, or add the new symbols to one of your existing tool sets, and follow the steps listed below for importing the data from your CSV file:
    If you choose a preexisting tool set, the new Punch symbols will be added without affecting any of the other markup symbols.
    1. Open the Manage Tool Sets window.
    2. Select the tool set you want to add the new Punch symbols to and then click Modify in the lower-right of the window. The Modify Tool Set dialog box will open — this is where you’re going to import the data from the CSV file you’ve created and saved earlier.
    3. Click Punchkey Import, located in the lower-left of the Modify Tool Set dialog box.
    4. Locate your CSV file, select it and click Open. The information from the CSV file will be imported and appear in the Tools section of the Modify Tool Set dialog box.
    5. Click OK in both the Modify Tool Set and Manage Tool Sets dialog boxes.

Checking Your New Punch Symbols

If you open the Tool Chest and look at the tool set you’ve imported the CSV data into, you’ll see the new Punch symbols. If you select one of the Punch symbols and apply it to a drawing, you’ll see it listed in the Markup List with the information from column C of the CSV file correctly displayed in the Comments column. Along with this, you can also right-click on the markup and check the Properties for it, where you’ll see the correct Subject and Comments information. Once you finished creating your custom Punch symbols, you can share them with other people, but make sure that you back up all of your custom tool sets.

If you’d like more information about customizing, creating and saving custom markups or creating tool sets for estimations, you can find it on our website or in the Revu Help Guide.

Are you looking for a quick way to create multiple punch symbols? Learn how to create their basic properties in Excel and save them to a Tool Set.

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