Customizing Revu – Introduction | Revu 2017 & below

Because Revu has so many tools and features, you may find it useful to only display what you use the most. To help with this, Revu lets you customize the user interface (UI) to suit your workflow.

For example, you can line the right edge of the program with your tools, arrange them across the top, or even detach certain tabs and document windows for use as separate floating windows. In addition to all this, you can even change the menu behavior and color of the interface, from within the Revu General Preferences.

This FAQ is separated into a series of articles covering the different areas of the Bluebeam UI. These are the Main Workspace, Command Bar, Toolbars, Panels and Tabs, as well as the Navigation and Status Bars.

You can use the links listed below to jump to information about each area of the interface, and watch a tutorial video on Revu customization.

More Information

You can also find information about Getting Around the Interface and actually using the available functions and features in our Tutorial Videos, and your appropriate Revu Online Help manual.

Revu has many features designed for different stages of the design and review process. Learn how to customize the Revu interface.

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