Customizing Revu – General Preferences | Revu 2017 & below

This part of our FAQ series on Customizing the Revu User Interface covers the General page of the Revu Preferences dialog window, where you can change the menu behavior and color of the interface.

Before Revu 10, the Revu interface was a lighter color and the menus worked in the “drop-down” style traditionally used in older versions of the Windows operating system. However, with the introduction of the Command Bar, we’d added options to the General section of the Bluebeam Revu Preferences (Ctrl+K) that let our customers have some or all of the look and feel of our previous releases.

A list of Revu keyboard shortcuts is available in the Revu Help menu and on our website.


This setting lets you lighten or darken the color of the Revu interface, while using the newer Command Bar layout

Classic mode

Clicking this checkbox changes the color of the User Interface and behavior of the Command Bar, to what was used before Revu 6. In this mode, the menus use the classic Windows layout, where they “drop down” over the top of the rest of the Revu interface.

Classic Menu

The Classic Menu option retains the darker background introduced in Revu 10, while the using the classic Windows menu layout.

If you’d like additional information about customizing Bluebeam Revu, please use the links listed below to access the rest of the series, and watch a tutorial video on Revu customization:

More information

You can also find information about Getting Around the Interface and actually using the available functions and features in our Tutorial Videos, and the Revu Online Help manual for your version.

Learn how you can customize the appearance and functionality of the Revu interface using the General Preferences options.

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