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Customizing the Bluebeam Revu User Interface – Part 5. Panels & Tabs

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Bluebeam Revu for Windows

In this section of our FAQ Series on Customizing the Revu User Interface, we’ll take a look at the areas of the program which let you access functions and features for tasks such as creating Bookmarks and Page Labels , Calibrating your drawings for Takeoffs and Estimations , and accessing Bluebeam Studio.

Revu offers three Panels located to the left and right of the Main Workspace, with an additional Panel below it.

You can open various Tabs in each Panel for easy access to numerous Revu features using Revu Keyboard Shortcuts, or by clicking Tabs in the View Command Group. Once opened, they can be dragged to the other panels, or detached from the main user interface and dragged to other areas of your screen or an additional monitor.

The available Tabs and Panels are:

Flags Panel Signatures

If you’d like additional information about customizing Bluebeam Revu please use the links listed below to access the rest of the series, and watch a tutorial video on Revu customization:

More Information

You can also find information about Getting Around the Interface and actually using the available functions and features in our Tutorial Videos, and your appropriate Revu Online Help manual.

Learn how to arrange, enable and disable panels according to your needs. Organize your workspace to create a more efficient workflow.

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