Discontinuing Site Administrators on the Bluebeam Gateway


Site Administrators will no longer be available on the Bluebeam Gateway. This article explains why, and how it affects you and your users.

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Why are you removing the Site Administrator feature?

In order to better support our customers who administrate and purchase licenses, we continually evaluate the features and functions within the Gateway. Based on user engagement with the Site Administrator feature and interviews with license administrators, we realize that continued support of the Site Administrator user type will prevent the future rollout of other critical functionality that will improve features and license management capabilities. We realize that this may inconvenience your current processes and policies and appreciate your understanding as we work towards a better experience for all of our users.

What will happen with my existing Site Administrators?

Your active Site Administrators will be removed and you will need to reassign Global Administrator rights to those users to maintain their access to our systems. On an ongoing basis, your Global Administrators will be given access to administrate all licenses on which you are listed as a contact. In the vast majority of cases, this will not result in any practical change to you, your licenses, or your administrators. In a limited number of cases, your Site Administrators will gain access to additional licenses.

Who are my current Site Administrators?

To find your current Site Administrators, navigate to https://portal.bluebeam.com/Enterprise/Manage.

How can I assign Global Administrator rights to a user?

To add a Global Administrator, navigate to https://portal.bluebeam.com/Enterprise/Manage and click on the Invite User button at the top of the page.

Please refer to the Bluebeam Gateway User Guide for more information about managing the Enterprise and Open Licenses for your Bluebeam products.

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