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Drawings is approaching end-of-life. Learn more.

What is Bluebeam Drawings?

Drawings gives you the freedom to view drawings on any device, anywhere. All drawings are optimized for web and mobile and are free to view.

How do I access Bluebeam Drawings?

You can access Drawings on the web or on the Drawings mobile app available on iOS and Android. Your device requires at least Android OS 5.0.0 or iOS version 11.0 to run Drawings.

The experience may differ slightly between Drawings on iOS and Drawings on Android. 

How does uploading work?

When your files are ready to be sent to the field, they should be uploaded via the Drawings web app.

When a Drawing Uploader adds a file to Drawings, it initiates a series of cloud processes:

  • Converts PDFs to single pages
  • Identifies the drawing number and drawing title
  • Detects the drawing discipline, using the drawing number
  • Detects and manages any new drawing versions
  • Finds and creates sheet links for simple navigation

Drawings is optimized using the United States National CAD Standard® (NCS). Traditional discipline designators (A for architecture, C for civil, etc) that appear within a sheet’s drawing number are identified by Drawings and used to categorize each uploaded sheet into the appropriate discipline. These settings can also be customized, allowing Drawings to recognize and match the designator and its corresponding discipline on any project you’re a part of.

Where does Drawings store my data?

Drawings data is stored in AWS US.

How do I distribute drawings?

Once processing is complete, Drawings sends an email alert to users who have permission to publish. Users with publishing permissions can:

  • Review: Review and validate the automatically detected drawing information.
  • Publish: Send drawings to project partners in the field.
  • Share: Invite anyone to view published drawings, for free on any device.

To learn more about sharing drawings within a project, see Project-level permissions.

How do I access the Drawings app on mobile?

With the Drawings app on your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Bluebeam Drawings app.
  2. Sign in using your Bluebeam ID, or create a new account. 
  3. After signing in, you’ll see one of two screens:
    No Drawings Uploaded

    If a Drawings Uploader has not yet published drawings to your Projects, you will not see any Projects listed. The mobile experience is view-only and you will need to wait for a Drawings Uploader or Project Admin to upload drawings. If you are looking to publish Drawings yourself, click Learn More at the bottom of the screen. 

    Drawings have been uploaded

    If a Drawings Uploader has published drawings to your Projects, you’ll see them listed on the home screen. A list of available Projects will be organized in order of Projects downloaded to your device and those most recently updated. Click on the download icon to download a Project to your device.

Once drawings are downloaded, you’ll be able to:

  • Use swipe gestures to easily navigate between sheets
  • Pinch or double-tap to zoom
  • Tap to access sheet, document, and web links that have been previously added.

You’ll always know you’re looking at the latest information, as older sheet versions will be clearly displayed with a red banner that reads Not Current. If there have been any updates to drawings in your Projects, you’ll see an indicator under the Project Name that reads Updates Available .

Do I need to own Revu to view drawings?

You don’t need Revu to view sheets within Drawings. All you need is a Bluebeam ID and the Drawings web or mobile app. Users who need to upload and distribute sheets, however, will need at least Revu 2018 with Maintenance.

Invites can be sent from within the Drawings web app by going into a Project’s Settings and clicking Invite on the top right. 

How many sheets can I upload to Drawings?

Drawings sheet limits are based on the number of seats on your Revu license with Maintenance:

  • 1-4 seats: 5,000 sheet limit
  • 5-49 seats: 25,000 sheet limit
  • 50-499: 100,000 sheet limit
  • 500+ seats: 500,000 sheet limit

Can I access Drawings offline?

Drawings on mobile is available for offline use. You will be able to view drawings downloaded to your device while out on the field, even without an internet connection. However, to see the latest updates to your drawings or to download new drawings, you will need to go back online.

What file types can be uploaded to Drawings?

Only PDF files can be uploaded to Drawings.

Drawings Permissions

I want to view sheets in Drawings:

To view Drawings, you’ll need a Bluebeam ID, which can be created when you first log in. Once logged in, you may select a Project from the list and view the sheets that have been published there.

I want to publish sheets in Drawings:

To review and publish within Drawings, you need the Full Control permission enabled by the owner of the Project you are working in. If you are the Project Owner, you already have this permission. If not, you need the Project Owner or someone else with Full Control within the Project to give you the permission. For more information on these permissions, click here.

I want to upload sheets to Drawings:

To upload sheets to Drawings, you’ll need to be designated as a Drawings Uploader. Drawings Uploaders can be assigned within the Gateway by a license admin (also known as a Gateway admin). Your license admin is typically the person who purchased Revu, or your IT administrator.

If you want the ability to upload files, you’ll need to contact your license admin and ask to be added as a Drawings Uploader in Bluebeam’s admin portal, the Gateway. You’ll also need Full Control permissions within each Project where you’ll be uploading to Drawings. Here’s an email template you can use to request access from your license admin.

For more information about uploading and publishing, visit our dedicated article.

Drawings gives you the freedom to view drawings on any device, anywhere. All drawings are optimized for web and mobile and are free to view.



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