Sheet processing limits

Applies to:

  • Drawings

Drawings is available for licenses of Revu 2019 and 2018 with active Maintenance, and the number of sheets you can upload to Drawings depends on how many seats of Revu your license holds.  The more seats of Revu your license contains, the more sheets that can be uploaded to Drawings. This is an annual limit that resets each year with the renewal of your maintenance.

Sheet tiers

Below are Drawings’ annual sheet processing limits, based on the number of seats a license contains:

If your account has purchased less than one year of Maintenance, your total sheet limit for that year will be prorated based on the number of months purchased.

These limits apply specifically to the number of sheets you can upload to Drawings, rather than the total number of files you have in Drawings. If your Bluebeam account has multiple Revu licenses, then your annual sheet processing limit for Drawings will increase according to the limit of each license. So, for example, if you have one Revu license with 4 seats, and another Revu license with 10 seats, your Bluebeam account has an annual limit of 30,000 sheets overall.

Approaching the sheet limit

When a license has reached 90% usage of its annual sheet limit, the license admin will receive an email. From here, license admins can click “View Upload Usage” to quickly log into the Gateway and see any recent activity associated with the license.

Sheet limit reached

When a license reaches it’s annual sheet limit, license admins will receive another email to alert them.

When this occurs, Drawings Uploaders assigned to the license can no longer upload sheets.  License admins can reassign these Drawings Uploaders to another license in the Gateway, if one is available.

If you are nearing your sheet limit, please contact us.

When will I see a deduction from my sheet limits? 

Sheet limits will only be deducted once the drawings you’ve uploaded have been successfully processed by our cloud system.  

If I delete drawings will my sheet limits roll back?  

Deleting drawings in your Project does not replenish your sheet limits. Sheet limits are based on how many sheets have processed through our cloud system, not how many drawings are active in your Projects at any given time.   

What if I accidentally upload a duplicate file or the wrong sheets?  Does this count against my sheet limits? 

Drawings will allow you to upload a duplicate file, but you cannot publish a duplicate if they have identical sheet numbers. This conflict will need to be resolved and sheet numbers must be unique before publishing. All processed sheets will count toward a user’s sheet limits. 

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