Studio Error: “The Project file path is too long.”

Applies to:

  • All versions of Revu


When trying to upload a file to Studio Projects, this message appears:

“Error: The Project file path is too long.”


While a recent Windows update has made it possible to raise file path character limits, Revu is currently not compatible with file paths longer than 260 characters.

Studio Projects have a 180 character limit, including file and folder names. The reason this limitation exists has to do with the way files are cached in Windows®. Files uploaded to Studio Projects must be copied to your local user profile, found here:


Copying files to the user profile allows Revu to continue working with files in Studio Projects, even without an internet connection. Any file saved to a Windows computer has a 260 character limit for its file path. But copying to the user profile adds additional characters to a file path. To account for longer user profile names, Studio Projects has a 180 character limit to ensure all file paths comply with the Windows 260 character limit.

[User Profile name] + [Project Folder(s)] + [Project name] < 260 characters


There are several ways to shorten the file path, such as:

  • Abbreviate words to three or four letters. (e.g. Proj instead of Project)
  • Eliminate spaces between words, and use capital letters to distinguish between them. (e.g. BldgReqs instead of BuildingRegulations)
  • Eliminate spaces between dates, and/or use numbers. (e.g. Aug17 instead of August2017)

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