Error in Studio Projects: “The Project file path is too long.”

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Bluebeam® Revu® 2018 & below


After trying to upload a file to Studio Projects, you received the error message, “The Project file path is too long.”

Why did this happen?

The short answer is that Studio Projects has a limit of 180 characters, which includes both the file and folder names of the Studio Project.

Why does the character limit exist?

The reason this limitation exists has to do with the way files are cached in Windows®. Files uploaded to Studio Projects must be copied to your local User Profile, found here:


Copying files to your User Profile allows Revu to continue working with files in Studio Projects, even if you lose your Internet connection.

Any file saved to a Windows computer has a maximum limit of 260 characters on its file path. But copying to the User Profile adds additional characters to a file path. To account for longer User Profile names, Studio Projects has a 180 character limit to ensure that file paths will fit within Windows’ 260 character limit. In short:

[User Profile name] + [Project Folder(s)] + [Project name] < 260 characters

How do I work around the character limit?

You will have to make the file path shorter by abbreviating folders or the file name. Here are some ways to to do this:

  • Abbreviate words to three or four letters, e.g. “Proj”, “Docs”, “Bldg”, “Misc”.
  • Eliminate spaces between words, and use capital letters to distinguish between them, e.g. “BldgReqs”.
  • Eliminate spaces between dates, and/or use numbers, e.g. “August 2017” becomes “Aug17”; “August 8, 2017” becomes “8-8-17” or “17-8-8”.

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