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While a recent SharePoint update has made it possible to raise file path character limits, Revu is currently not compatible with file paths longer than 260 characters.

When attempting to access a SharePoint file within Bluebeam Revu, the following message appears:

SharePoint document failed to download. (The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.)


SharePoint supports a 260 character limit for files, which is comprised of the folder path plus the file name. When a SharePoint-hosted PDF is opened in Revu, the file is copied to a “SharePoint Drafts” folder on your PC. Before Revu can search the folder path where the document is located, it first needs to visit:

C:\Users\{your-username}\Documents\SharePoint Drafts\

Therefore, if the the folder path above plus the file name for your document exceeds 260 characters, you will receive an error message. For more information on site names, folder names, and file names in SharePoint, please visit the Microsoft site.


Move the SharePoint Drafts folder to the root of your C: drive by resetting the Server Drafts Location from Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Revu and ensure all SharePoint files are checked in.
  2. Close Revu.
  3. Open Microsoft Word and go to File > Options.
  4. From the left panel, select Save.
  5. Go to Offline editing options for document management server files, and change the Server drafts location to C:\SharePoint Drafts.
  6. Click OK.

SharePoint will now use this version of the SharePoint Drafts folder, which should decrease character count.

Do you see an error when opening SharePoint files, saying that your file name is too long? Learn why this happens and follow our step-by-step solution.

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