Error: “Your trial will expire in ‘x’ amount of days” | Bluebeam Subscription Management

This article applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Bluebeam Cloud


Even though you’ve purchased a subscription plan (Basics, Core, or Complete) and activated your account, you receive either of the following error messages when you sign into Revu 21:

  • “Your trial will expire in ‘x’ amount of days.”
  • “You have x day(s) left on your trial.”


If you signed up for a trial of Revu 21 and purchased a subscription before the trial end date, then the trial is still active alongside your official account.


Let the trial period run its course. After 30 days from signing up, your trial will expire, and your active subscription (Basics, Core, or Complete) should automatically appear under your account details when you log into Revu 21.

Bluebeam account details subscription package

If your account doesn’t automatically switch from the trial period to the subscription you purchased, please contact us here.

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If you’re receiving error messages about your free trial after purchasing a subscription plan, here’s why.

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