Notification: Form Creation, OCR and Redaction have been disabled | Revu 2019


A notification appears after registering Revu that states: “Form Creation, OCR and Redaction have been disabled because eXtreme was not registered.”


Revu 2019 uses a single installer for all editions: Standard, CAD, and eXtreme. Form Creation, OCR, and Redaction are features only available in Revu eXtreme, so they are disabled when a serial number for Revu Standard or CAD is registered.

No further action is required, press OK and you can use Revu normally.

A Serial Number and Product Key are required to register your copy of Revu. There are two ways to find your License Key and Serial Number: Your Serial Number and Product Key were emailed to your license admin after the Revu license was purchased. Have your license admin search their inbox for this email. If you still can’t log in, go to the Bluebeam Gateway and log in with your Bluebeam ID . For more information about the Gateway, see the Gateway User GuideAccess to the Gateway requires a license with active Maintenance.If you still can’t find this information, contact our License and Registration team for assistance.

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