Convert markups to sequence tools | Revu 2019

Revu keeps a running count of each markup type in the Markups List. You can keep count of that markup on the document, as if you were using a sequence tool.

To create a sequence count:

  1. Select and copy (Ctrl+C) the markups you would like to include in the sequence.
  2. Go to File > New PDF to create a blank document in Revu.
  3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the markups into the page.
  4. Select the Text Box (T) tool.
  5. Place a text box in a position near the markup that you’d like the count to appear. Adjust the font size and text alignment as desired.
  6. Drag a rectangle over all of the markups that will be included in the sequence tool to select them.
    Sequence tools need to include a text box where the sequence count will appear, so if the markup already has a text box in it you must first specify which box will contain the sequence count.
  7. To specify which text box will hold the sequence count, hold Ctrl and click a control point of the desired text box. The control points of the text box will turn yellow.
  8. Right-click one of the markups and select Group (Ctrl+G).
  9. Right-click the group, then go to Add to Tool Chest and select a relevant tool set.
  10. Go to the Tool Chest (Alt+X), right-click the new markup and go to Sequence > Define.
  11. The Sequence dialog box appears, where you can configure the sequencing behavior.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Select the markup and place it into your document.

Now each time you add the markup to the document, the number in the text box should update sequentially.

You can keep count of each markup type in the Markups List as if you were using a sequence tool. Learn how to create a sequence count for your markup.

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