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You’ve grouped a custom markup but it shows up as “Group” in the Markups List.

Grouping markups in Revu for Mac is useful for combining multiple markups that you use often. Once grouped, they will show up as “Group” in the Subject column of Markups List . This can be confusing if you’ve grouped multiple markups and need to distinguish them from each other in the markups list.

You can also save a grouped markup and add it to your Tool Chest for easy access.


You can rename a grouped markup by following these steps:

  1. Go into the Markups List and locate the grouped markup you want to rename.
  2. Double-click on its default subject name (in the Subject column).
  3. Type the desired Subject name and press the Return key.

Now your grouped markup will have a custom name.

Does your grouped markup show up as “Group” in the Markups List? Learn how to rename your grouped markups with the correct subject.

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