Creating custom markups and saving them to the Tool Chest | Revu 2018

Add markups to the Tool Chest

The Tool Chest stores custom markups so you can quickly add them to your PDFs without having to recreate them. The Tool Chest comes pre-loaded with several collections of markups called tool sets. You can create your own tool sets with individual or grouped markups, and even share custom tool sets with other users.

To add a markup to the Tool Chest:

  1. Click the Tool Chest (Alt+X) in the Tool Strip.
  2. Right-click on a markup, click Add to Tool Chest and then select the name of the tool set.

Group multiple markups and add them to the Tool Chest

Revu’s markup tools can be grouped together, allowing them to be moved, resized, copied, and added to the Tool Chest as an individual markup.

  1. Select multiple markups.
  2. Right-click one of the selected markups and click Group (Ctrl+G).
  3. Right-click on the grouped markup, click Add to Tool Chest, and then select the desired tool set.

Create a new tool set

You can create new tool sets to better organize the custom markups that you create. The new tool set will automatically display in the Tool Chest and will be available as an option when you click Add to Tool Chest.

To create a tool set

  1. Click the Tool Chest dropdown at the top of the Tool Chest panel, then click Manage Tool Sets. The Manage Tool Sets dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Click New, type a title, and then click OK.

Properties mode vs. Drawing mode

Markups in the Tool Chest can function in two different modes. Drawing mode creates an exact copy of what you’ve added to the Tool Chest. Properties mode will create a new markup using the same visual properties of the original markup (i.e. color, shape, and size).

Double-click the icon in the Tool Chest to switch between modes. The icon will change to show the difference between the two modes. Grouped markups and Stamps are always in Drawing mode.

Symbol view vs. Detail view

When you have several similar markups saved in your Tool Chest, it can be difficult to tell them apart when using the default Symbol view. Detail view displays markups in a tool set alongside information like Subject, Comment and Labels, making it easier to distinguish between them. To change the display of a tool set, click the tool set’s Settings and select either Symbol or Detail .


There are some markups that cannot be included in tool sets. These exceptions are Notes, Hyperlinks, file attachments, the text editing tools (Review Text , Underline , Squiggly line , Strikeout , and Text Highlights ), as well as symbols that already have a Sequence or Action defined.

With Revu, you can create your own tool sets with individual or grouped markups, and share custom tool sets with other users. Get started with these steps.

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