How to revoke user access for Studio Enterprise

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Studio Enterprise


I would like to prevent an existing user from accessing our Studio Server, can I delete or lock their account?


It is not possible to delete an account from Studio Enterprise, but there are different ways to prevent a user from accessing your Studio server.

If you have configured Active Directory integration and are using Groups you can update this user in AD and remove them from any of the allowed Groups configured in Studio.

You can also explicitly deny their account access to your Studio Enterprise server:

  1. Login to your Studio Portal (https://YourServerURL) as an Administrator.
  2. Select Users on the left.
  3. To the right, click the Search button Search-icon.
  4. Type the user’s email and click Search.
  5. Click on a user’s email to select them.
  6. Change the Server Access drop-down to Restricted.
  7. Click Update Profile.

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