Adding markups to 3D PDFs

Applies to:

  • Revu 2018


Marking up 3D PDFs in Revu is similar to adding markups to 2D PDFs. This article discusses how to access the 3D PDF markup mode, navigate between markup views, and access 3D markup content.

Relevant Products

Bluebeam® Revu® 2018

Adding Markups

To add markup to a 3D PDF:

  1. Open a 3D PDF.
  2. Position the 3D object to where you want to add a markup.
    When viewing a 3D PDF, the 3D Hover Bar displays automatically to allow you to pan, rotate, position, and customize your 3D content. Click the Mouse Interaction menu to switch between Pan, Rotate, and Zoom modes.
  3. Click a markup to enter markup mode.
  4. Click on the document to add your markup.
    A blue Close button with a white “X” exit-3d-mode will display in the upper right corner of the 3D display to indicate that you are in markup mode and that the 3D display is locked. Click this button to exit markup mode.
  5. When you have finished creating the markups for this area, click Close exit-3d-mode in the upper right of the 3D view so you can navigate the rest of the model.
  6. As soon as you click the exit-3d-mode, a round blue markup indicator will display instead of the markup. Click this button to return to view the markup .
    After you add a markup to the 3D PDF model, a new Markup View will be created and added to the View list in the 3D Model Tree. The default name is Markup View and is preceded by a markup indicator . Right-click on a view name to rename, edit or delete it.

Returning to 3D markups

You can return to the markups three different ways:

  • Click the blue markup indicator on the model.
  • Click on a view with a markup indicator .
  • Click the markup in the Markups List.



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