How do I prevent the Revu icon on the taskbar from flashing while in Studio Sessions?


How to stop the Revu icon from flashing in the taskbar while you’re in a Bluebeam Studio Session.

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Bluebeam Revu and Vu for Windows

If Revu is minimized while you’re logged in to a Studio Session, the Revu icon will flash in the Windows taskbar whenever there’s Session activity.

This is part of the Bluebeam Studio Notification and Alerts feature.

This feature can be disabled from within the Studio Preferences, by following the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Settings revu-icon > Preferences properties-16x16_20x20.png (or keyboard shortcut CTRL+K)
  2. Select Studio from the list on the left side of the Revu Preferences dialog.
  3. Remove the checkmark from the Enable Flashing on Session Alerts checkbox, and click OK to close the Revu Preferences dialog.

Please check out the Bluebeam Support page where you’ll find video tutorials and FAQ’s covering various topics, such as attending Studio Sessions or joining Projects, as well as the Revu Help Guide.

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