How to share Stamps | Revu 2017 & below

Stamps are meant to mimic the traditional “rubber stamp” placed on a paper document. They are static after being placed on a PDF, and they can’t be edited after they are placed.

Stamps can be emailed, stored on a network, or sent to other users like any other file. Though Revu will now create PDF stamps by default, the .btx file format is still supported.

To add a Stamp to the local Stamps folder, go to Markup > Stamp > Import Stamp.

To add a Stamp from a shared network location, go to Markup > Stamp > Change Stamp Folder.

To export a stamp, simply go to the stamps folder (C:\ProgramData\Bluebeam Software\Bluebeam Revu\2016) from Windows File Explorer. From that folder, you can then either email or upload the desired .pdf or .btx file to a shared network drive, or any other file sharing system.

See the Stamps section of the Revu Help guide for more information.

Taking it further with Revu Deployments

Bluebeam Revu also provides useful tools for IT Administrators needing to push these customizations to multiple users within their organization. These are explained in our Revu Enterprise Installation and Administration guides.

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