How-To Videos

Click the links below to watch a video explaining your desired topic. Please note that these videos are meant to be quick explanations, and as such they do not have sound. For more in-depth videos featuring our software instructors, please see our Training page for both free and paid options.

Basics Tips and Tricks Troubleshooting
Adding Markups to the Tool Chest Combine PDFs and Insert Pages in Revu Can’t Correctly Calibrate a Document
Creating PDFs Creating a Single PDF from Images How Do I Get Rid of the Dots on the Screen?
Finding Markups Creating Curves in Polygons and Polylines How to Deskew a Scanned PDF
How Do I Turn Tabs On or Off? How To Backup and Share Profiles and Tool Sets
How To Calibrate Measurements How to Replace Pages and Keep Your Markups
How to Change Revu Profiles How to Split, Sync, and Unsplit Views
How To Pan While Using a Markup Tool How to Use the Reuse Function
Making Revu your Default PDF Viewer How to Use the Snap Function
Opening and Closing Panels in Revu Rotate Page and Rotate View Explained
Registering Your Software Use Add Open Pages to Combine PDFs
What Do the Next and Previous View Buttons Do? The Tool Chest: Symbol and Detail Modes

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