Viewing more than one value within a single measurement | Revu for Mac 2

Revu can show multiple measurement values within one measurement markup, which eliminates redundancy when performing takeoffs. Instead of taking separate area and perimeter measurements, you can take an area measurement that displays a perimeter measurement as well.

  1. As with any measurement, be sure to calibrate the document first.
    The measurement value is on top of the text in the drawing. This can be moved by holding down the Shift key and clicking and dragging the label to a more visible location.
  2. Go to Tools > MeasureArea  (Shift-Option-A).
  3. Click and drag on the document to create your measurement.
  4. With your measurement selected, in the Properties toolbar, click the Show Caption   dropdown. Fill the checkboxes of the measurement values that you want to display.

What to do when converting PDFs to TIF or other raster process the line merge information correctly, but the process takes much longer.
Suggestions for improving performance

Line merge should only be used when needed. When printing PDFs in black and white, it is often difficult to see visual differences between line-merged and non-line-merged prints.
Architects can often eliminate the need for line merge by reordering the layers in the AutoCAD drawing. Order the layers of the drawing such that the screen or underlying color is on a lower layer and interior elements are on the top layers.
Reprographers using Repro Desk Software can easily have side-by-side installations of Ghostscript. Ghostscript version 8.14 is the last version that does not process line merge. Version 8.14 can be used as a fallback for print jobs that would take too long using a newer version. Note that the TIF will not be line-merged if version 8.14 of Ghostscript is used.

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