Legacy Release Notes | Revu for Windows

Legacy Support

We can only answer basic workflow and feature questions for the versions listed here. For Core Support, upgrade to the latest version of Revu.

Revu 2016


Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial Support*

  • Use the Surface Dial with the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or Surface Studio
  • Scroll through the Markups List to quickly find any markup.
  • Show/hide markups by instantly adding, isolating, or selecting Layers.
  • Select items from the Tool Chest while marking up with a mouse or Surface Pen.
  • Choose markup appearance properties such as color, line weight, and opacity.
  • Split views to look at documents as a full page on one side, while simultaneously zooming to specific views on the other.
  • Browse document thumbnails.
  • Zoom and scroll on any document.
  • Scrub through a complete Undo/Redo history.
  • Navigate the Tab Access menu.

* Requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update


  • Fixed issues that caused Sets categories to be invisible.
  • Improved font substitution for systems using fonts with non-standard characters.
  • Fixed issues that caused hyperlinks to be active while selected for editing.
  • Addressed issues that disabled relative hyperlink options for some files located on network drives.

Other Resolved Issues

  • PDF Summary now sorts Sequence markups alphanumerically.
  • CSV Summary now sorts page index numerically.
  • Fixed issues with text selection.
  • Added option to the MSP update installer which allows administrators to suppress a forced reboot.
  • Addressed issues that disabled Revu preferences when Studio is disabled through the Windows registry.



  • Resolved an issue causing Depth settings made for one measurement tool to unexpectedly affect other measurement tools.


  • Resolved an issue with the Bluebeam printer causing hyperlinks to be broken when printing to PDF from Excel.

Studio, SharePoint, and ProjectWise

  • Restored the ability to sync folders in Studio Projects.
  • Resolved an issue causing hyperlinks in Studio Projects to redirect to the Project root, regardless of the intended destination.


  • Restored the "Sheet Number Only" option in the Revit plugin.
  • Resolved an issue with the Microsoft Excel plugin causing hyperlinks to break in the source sheets and the PDF.
  • Restored the ability to enable the Internet Explorer browser plugin for Vu.

Other Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue causing PDF/A files created with Revu 2016 to be out of compliance with the PDF/A spec.



  • Added Korean language installation and application localization.
  • OCR support for Korean (eXtreme only).
  • Chinese font characters now appear correctly in Note markups.


  • Bring focus to PDF documents when clicking on File Name in the Tags dialog box.
  • Performance enhancements when loading and scrolling through Sets (.bex) files.


  • PDFs with colored form fields can now be unflattened.
  • Fixed issue with form fields shifting after flattening the PDF.
  • Further function and display improvements for XFA form documents.


  • The measurement depth value now converts its values correctly when changing the measurement unit.
  • Commas in the Depth column of the Markups list now appear in CSV reports.


  • Added option to show/hide hyperlinks when printing.
  • Resolved an issue with inaccurate collation when printing multiple documents.

Studio, SharePoint and ProjectWise

  • Studio Projects now includes the option to remove a Project from the list of attended Projects.
  • Improved performance when joining a Studio Project or Session of a larger size.
  • Addressed issue with markups going missing in a Studio Session when Revu crashed unexpectedly.
  • Fixed issue with Revu incorrectly finding SharePoint root paths, leading to authentication prompts that failed.
  • Resolved an issue with hyperlinks in PDFs not correctly linking to non-PDF files stored in ProjectWise.
  • Documents loaded into Sets now respect the Stack Revisions setting if stored in ProjectWise.


  • Added option to export Revit Sheet Properties as Tags.
  • Revit 2017 plugin now supports both 2D and 3D PDF creation.
  • Navisworks Manage and Simulate 2017 plugins now support 3D PDF creation.
  • Fixed issue with Microsoft Office plugin being unable to create PDFs.
  • Addressed issue with the Microsoft Excel plugin creating PDFs with incorrect data in certain fields.
  • Resolved an issue with Microsoft PowerPoint plugin incorrectly sending error messages while still creating PDFs successfully.
  • Fixed an issue with Chinese text displaying incorrectly on some PDFs created from the Microsoft Word plugin.
  • Added support for Noto Sans CJK Korean font in PDFs created through Microsoft Office plugin.
  • Addressed an issue in the Revit plugin that caused the conversion of a large number of sheets to fail.

Other Resolved Issues

  • Enhanced PDF rendering of graphics and content that include unique gradients, masks, blend modes and transparencies.
  • Fixed issue with markups and stamps not appearing when opened through the bFX protocol.
  • Addressed issue in which copying and pasting PDF pages prevented markups assigned to layers to recognize the layer they were set to.
  • Resolved issue with Reduce File Size unexpectedly swapping letters.
  • Fixed issue with Split Documents causing files to stay the same size as the original file after splitting.


AutoCAD 2017

PDF creation support through the AutoCAD plugin (Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme only) is now supported for AutoCAD 2017.

AutoCAD LT 2017

PDF creation support through the Bluebeam buttons in the AutoCAD LT 2017 ribbon.

SketchUp Pro 2016

PDF creation support (Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme) for SketchUp Pro 2016.

ProjectWise 10

Added support for Revu integration with ProjectWise 10.

Sets Enhancements

  • Create user-defined default settings for Tags.
  • Generate new tags (or correct existing tags) using AutoMark in the Tags dialog box.
  • Automatic tags are updated any time the Sheet Number Tag is modified.
  • Set displays all Tag types for any files added to the Set.
  • Sort Tags columns in ascending or descending order.
  • Revision Number Tags are now sequenced properly when sheets are slip-sheeted into a Set.

Additional Enhancements and Resolved Issues Including:

  • Resolved issue exporting some CSV markup summaries that would not display columns in desired order.
  • Addressed issue with Revu potentially freezing when opening Sets files in Studio Projects.
  • Fixed issues with the Bluebeam plugin for Revit incorrectly missing sheets that were selected for conversion to PDF.
  • Resolved issue with markups unexpectedly disappearing if they were updated and saved.
  • Addressed issue with XML Markup Summaries exporting with unexpected results.
  • Fixed issues that occurred when editing Punchkeys with Japanese fonts.
  • Resolved issue with the Bluebeam plugin for Microsoft Office not correctly associating PDF security settings on some files.
  • Addressed issue in which some font characters would not render on certain PDF files.
  • Fixed issues with Collate function not working on some HP and Canon printers.



Similar to a legend on a map, Legends can help anyone looking at a PDF have an immediate understanding of the markups on the page. Add any individual markup by right-clicking it and then selecting the option to add it to a legend. You can also add an entire tool set to a legend so that markups applied to PDFs from the tool set are automatically updated.

Batch Markup Summary

Report on and export data from multiple PDFs, including those in Sets. Create a single markup summary from multiple PDFs, or individual summaries per PDF. Choose from multiple sorting and filtering options, create custom-formatted PDF reports with PDF templates, and export to XML and CSV summaries to further manipulate your data.

Sets Improvements

Sets allows users to view, access and navigate an unlimited number of various source files as if they are a single document in a single tab. This feature now includes the following functionality:

Tags: Individual sheets can now be easily tagged with meaningful data such as the sheet number, sheet name, revision number and more. Tags can be used to categorize, sort and manage revisions for all sheets within a Set.

Drawing Log: Drawing logs can be easily generated from any Set. The drawing log includes important data for all documents within a Set and can be exported as PDF, XLSX or CSV.

Revit Plugin Enhancements (CAD and eXtreme Only)

The Bluebeam plugin for Revit converts sheet sets into PDFs, and 3D models into 3D PDFs. Revu 2016 improves this experience by generating new Spaces from Rooms in Revit (versions 2015-2016 only). Additional options include adding area measurement markups to the PDF directly through the plugin. Other updates include:
  • Improved 3D PDF creation from .rvt files containing Linked Models.
  • Improved accuracy of colors and material properties.

AutoMark 3.0 / OCR+ Enhancements (eXtreme only)

In Revu eXtreme 2016, OCR+ is faster, more accurate, and recognizes both horizontal and vertical text on the same page. Both features now share the same updated text-recognition engine along with improved accuracy and consistency in the results. Batch Link automates the process of creating hyperlinks for quick navigation between documents. Now additional formatting options for highlighting hyperlinks are available. In addition to automatically placing highlight markups on top of hyperlinks, you can automatically flatten these highlights, or apply a hyperlink highlight style that stays with the hyperlink as it moves on the page.

Compare Documents and Overlay Pages Enhancements

Compare Documents and Overlay Pages can now ignore flattened markups when comparing PDFs, if they were set to being recoverable when flattening in Revu.

Document Tabs Enhancements

Document tabs now display a thumbnail preview of the PDF content when hovering the mouse cursor over them. Open documents in the background by pressing the Control key while clicking to open a file in the File Access tab or a link to another document. This allows you to quickly open multiple files while keeping the focus on the document you’re currently working on.

Batch Slip Sheet Enhancements (eXtreme only)

Batch Slip Sheet now has improved matching logic. View a more refined display of matched and unmatched pages before running the batch process to help you catch unmatched sheets.

New Markup Alignment Options

Align Middle, Center, and Center in Document have been added for improved markup formatting.

XFA Support Enhancements

XFA form (dynamic and static) support has been improved to include increased accuracy of form layouts, along with further compatibility with JavaScript and other content within these form types.

Digital Signatures Enhancements

Hyperlinks can now be placed on a document that contains digital signatures without invalidating the document.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts for markups are now available to speed up your workflow:
  • Edit Action (Ctl+Shift+E)
  • Autosize Text Box (Alt+Z)
  • Snap to Content (Ctl+Shift+F8)
  • Snap to Markup On/Off (Ctl+Shift+F7)
  • Snap to Grid On/Off (Ctl+Shift+F9)
  • Align Center (Ctrl+Alt+E)
  • Align Middle (Ctrl+Alt+M)

New User Interface Enhancements

  • Next Page, Last Page, Previous View and Next View buttons in the Navigation toolbar are now statically placed for quicker navigation.
  • The Escape button makes de-selecting markups and tools simple for tablet users.
  • Triple-click to select all text on a line for faster text selection and editing.
  • The status bar makes switching between various snap modes easy.

This update also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:

  • Addressed various issues that caused PDF files to render content incorrectly.
  • Resolved issues with some PDF files unexpectedly displaying text strings with certain fonts as garbled text.
  • Fixed issues with hyperlinks pointing to Bentley ProjectWise destinations when PDF files originated from the Bluebeam plugin in Microsoft Word.
  • Resolved duplicate embedding issues occurring with markups using some fonts such as Arial and MS Gothic.
  • Improved handling of fonts when converting certain Word files to PDF using the Bluebeam plugin.
  • Addressed problem with the Revu interface incorrectly sizing/maximizing when using multiple monitors with different resolutions.
  • Fixed issue with Spaces not correctly displaying in the Spaces tab when using Sets.
  • Resolved compatibility issues with PDFs created from Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Improved support and tracking of updated sequence markups when marked-up files are merged into the same document.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Compare Document function to incorrectly compare some PDF files with different page sizes.
  • Fixed problem with bFX tab navigation unexpectedly scrolling back to the top in Studio Sessions with numerous files.
  • Resolved issue in which "Paste in Place" resulted in unexpected shifting when objects were pasted.
  • Addressed an issue that caused certain count markups to lose their subject and label when placed on certain PDFs.
  • Fixed issue with hyperlinking failing when Open Hyperlinks in Revu WebTab was enabled.
  • Resolved some issues in PDF AcroForms in which font sizes or appearances could change unexpectedly after text was input.
  • Fixed an issue with Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK text) appearing scrambled in PDF Flags.
  • Resolved an issue where text with PDF form fields could unexpectedly shift after the document was flattened.

Revu 2015


PDF Rendering
  • Fixed issue that caused text to appear clipped and distorted after upgrading to version 2015.5.
  • Addressed an issue with some graphics and text that would appear duplicated and shifted.
  • Resolved an issue that caused text to appear white.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF files created by Crystal Reports appearing incorrectly.
  • Further improvements and fixes to incorrect PDF rendering.
  • Addressed an issue with Revu not recognizing custom page sizes on the HP DesignJet 510 printer.
  • Resolved issues with printing PDF files to OCE plotters TDS450 and TDS700.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect characters printing when using physical printers.
Studio Sessions and Projects
  • Fixed an issue in which markups in a Session would unexpectedly appear to only some users.
  • Addressed an issue affecting Studio Projects in which PDFs repeatedly checked in and out over time would cause Revu to hang unexpectedly.
  • Further improvements to performance and stability when uploading large files to Studio Projects.
Other Resolved Issues
  • Improved support when combining PDFs through the Bluebeam Stapler.
  • Enhanced performance with loading files when expanding categories in Sets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to modify Cloud+ properties from within a tool set.
  • Addressed an issue with text in some documents that would not appear under search results.
  • Japanese and Chinese are now selectable under the list of supported OCR languages.
  • Resolved an issue with form fields that would improperly display inputted data.


Open Licensing (eXtreme edition only)
Revu 2015.5 introduces Open Licensing, a concurrent licensing solution utilizing a cloud-based license server.
  • Allows organizations to share a pool of seats between a broader group of installed user systems.
  • Administrators are given access to the new Bluebeam Gateway—a web portal that allows access to their Open License information and the ability to manage users and devices associated with it.
Tablet Interface
When Revu is opened on a supported tablet device, such as a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it switches into "Tablet Mode," which optimizes the software for stylus and touch screen input.
Support for Revit 2016 and Navisworks 2016 (CAD and eXtreme editions only)
Revu 2015.5 adds PDF Plugin compatibility into the Revit and Navisworks (Manage and Simulate) versions.
Text Input Support for OpenType (OTF) and Unicode Fonts
div c Revu now supports text input with OpenType Fonts (OTF). It also adds further support for viewing, inputting and editing Unicode-based CJK mixed fonts, such as Arial Unicode MS and MS Mincho font sets.
OCR Support for Chinese and Japanese Documents (eXtreme edition only)
Revu 2015.5 now supports the recognition and processing of PDF files containing Chinese and Japanese text images through OCR.
Word and Excel PDF Plugin Improvements
PDF creation and conversion of Microsoft Word and Excel documents was "re-architected," improving features such as hyperlink placement, graphic accuracy issues and overall performance.
New JavaScript Functionality
JavaScript in Revu now supports trusted functions and folder level JavaScript. The following JavaScript calls were also added:
  • Net.HTTP.request – Allows HTTP requests over the Internet to interface with REST APIs through GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE functions.
  • Util.readFileIntoStream – Allows for the ability to read an external file.
  • app.trustedFunction, app.beginPriv, app.endPriv - Allows the marking of a function as trusted so that it can be executed from a PDF securely.
  • app.getPath – Allows getting the path of the file to support the functions above.
Resolved Issues
2015.5 also includes a number of fixes, highlights include:
  • Improved rendering speed on some large format drawings that required unreasonable load times.
  • Addressed various display issues that appeared on 4k hi-resolution tablets.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some 3D PDFs created in the Revit plugin to not export all expected properties.
  • Addressed SharePoint login issues that may affect some international versions of Windows operating systems.
  • Fixed an issue with Adobe CDS signatures correctly applied in Revu 2015 appearing invalid in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Resolved issue in which Revu could not be reconfigured as the default PDF viewer after Adobe Acrobat updates were installed.
  • Addressed issue that created an error when placing a digital signature with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters.
  • Fixed an issue with utilizing CJK fonts when applying headers and footers that could result in corrupt text.
  • Fixed an issue with some markups created on 3D PDFs in other programs not appearing in Revu.
  • Addressed an issue in Studio in which some users would be unable to download session files and received a "Download has been canceled" message.
  • Fixed an issue when downloading a copy of all Project files would result in a timeout.
  • Fixed an issue in which the number of grouped markups listed in a daily report was reported inaccurately.


This minor update addresses three issues that could potentially affect Studio Sessions, AutoCAD users with Windows standard account permissions, and Windows 8.1 environments.
Studio Sessions
Resolved an issue in which some markup replies and statuses could potentially duplicate themselves within a Studio Session, leading to redundant markups.
AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT
Addressed an issue in which users logged in with Windows standard account permissions were unable to install the Bluebeam plugin or invoke the Create PDF function.
Windows 8.1 Operating Systems
Resolved an issue affecting Windows 8.1 environments, where users resizing and maximizing the application window could experience unexpected placement, or incorrect sizing of the interface.


AutoCAD 2016
PDF creation support through the AutoCAD plugin (Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme only) is now supported for AutoCAD 2016.
AutoCAD LT 2016
PDF creation support through the Bluebeam buttons in the AutoCAD LT 2016 ribbon.
Sets 3.0 Enhancements
Sets provides a method to navigate a large collection of PDFs as if they were a single document. This update adds backward compatibility so that Sets created in 2015.1 are supported in previous versions. Note: When opening a Set created in 2015.1 on an older version of Revu, Category headings will not appear, as this feature is specific to Revu 2015.
Other Resolved Issues
This update addresses some reported issues, including:
  • Refinements to printing performance
    • Improved compatibility and support for Ricoh printers.
    • Support for multi-byte font printer names.
  • Improvements to Revu installation and registration
    • Addressed an issue in which authentication would fail in some proxy environments.
    • Resolved issue that caused an installation failure if a computer had not rebooted after applying Windows Updates.
    • Relaxed Microsoft .NET Framework installation requirements from 4.5.2 to 4.5.0 and above.
  • Addressed issues related to Digital Signatures
    • Fixed issue with some Digital IDs containing Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) that were unable to apply signatures to PDFs.
    • Resolved issue for users who were unable to clear their own signature from a document that had multiple signatures.
  • Addressed issues with display
    • Fixed issue that caused some dashed line styles in certain PDF files to not display properly when users used the zoom function.
    • Resolved issue with PDFs that would not display text correctly.
  • Fixed issues specific to Revu CAD 2015
    • SolidWorks plugin will now invoke correctly upon installation.
    • SolidWorks file format options are no longer missing from the File>Open screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Revu to crash when importing a Batch Link file from a Set back into Batch Link.
  • Addressed an issue with Document Overlay in which Align Points would not correctly align content.
  • Added further improvements to form field compatibility with Adobe Acrobat.
  • Fixed an issue with Capture that caused the playback bar to unexpectedly disappear when playing back video though a Windows Surface tablet.
Administration Enhancements for Studio and Studio Enterprise
  • Studio Administrators can now restrict access to only the servers they select.
  • Revu can now be configured to enforce Studio logins by Windows Authentication only.
  • Resolved an issue in which some Studio Sessions containing custom statuses and group markups might fail to save and finalize.
  • Addressed an issue with markups added to a Studio Session that were rotated incorrectly reverting back to 0 degrees when the Session was closed and reopened.
  • Fixed an issue in Studio Sessions in which certain documents would not render correctly after a user zoomed in and out of the file.
  • Addressed an issue affecting both Sessions and Projects that caused the alphabetical order of files to sort incorrectly when spaces were introduced between numbers.


Capture 2.0
Embed videos into a markup directly from Revu’s Camera tool or from files saved to a local or network drive.
  • Markups with Capture-embedded media can be flattened, and media will be included in the PDF as a file attachment.
  • PDF Summary now includes large Capture media thumbnails with options to link to the media.
  • Markups with Capture-embedded media can be sorted within the Markups list.
Batch Slip Sheet (eXtreme only)
Match new revisions with their corresponding current sheets to carry over all markups, hyperlinks, Spaces and bookmarks while stamping superseded sheets. Sheets can be matched manually or automatically by file name, page label or page region.
Batch Overlay
Compare multiple files, or a multi-page file in one batch process. Auto-matching options have been provided to make pairing up pages to overlay a simpler process.
Batch Compare Documents Enhancements
In a similar approach to Batch Overlay, Batch Compare Documents has been revamped with a similar UI and auto-matching functionality to help streamline the comparison process.
Microsoft Office Export Enhancements
PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint exporting now supports scanned documents. The new “Select Page Region” feature enables selection of a specific region in the PDF for conversion. New preferences offer the ability to adjust the formatting of your export and adjust processing settings for more accurate results when needed.
Cloud+ combines the convenience of clouds and the clarity of callouts into a single markup tool, including the ability to customize the appearance properties for both components independently.
Digital Signatures Enhancements
  • A new digital signatures panel allows users to quickly see the status of all digital signatures and certificates in a document.
  • Support for invisible digital signatures now allows users to see the status of signatures created from services such as DocuSign.
  • Supports digital certificates with embedded timestamp server paths, and contains further improvements to support Certificate Authority revocation lists and PAdes Long Term Validation.
Sets 3.0
Sets 3.0 introduces the following elements to Sets:
  • Organize PDFs into categories that can be sorted in any order you choose. Take advantage of the Auto setting to sort files using preconfigured templates, or create your own custom templates.
  • Auto Revision filter option helps match revisions using common file naming conventions. In the event that the auto filter does not yield the desired results, user-customizable wildcard configurations remain available.
  • When adding revisions to a Set, Revu presents options to copy markups, hyperlinks, bookmarks, Spaces and other data from current to revised pages.
  • Compare two document revisions together, or overlay a series of files in Sets by simply right-clicking on a stack of revised PDFs.
  • Overall stability/performance enhancements.
Note: Sets 3.0 files are not compatible on versions prior to Revu 2015.
Spaces 2.0
Spaces 2.0 introduces the following elements to Spaces:
  • Copy and paste Spaces across other pages and files.
  • Create measurement markups directly from Spaces.
  • Add hyperlinks to and from Spaces placed in the document.
Dynamic Tool Set Scaler
Tool sets can be created at a specific scale and set to automatically scale larger or smaller in relation to any calibrated drawing or viewport it is placed in. For example, a symbol in a tool set configured with a baseline scale of 1”=1’ becomes proportionately smaller when placed on a document set to 1”=10’ scale.
Sketch Tools
Quickly create Polygon, Polyline, Rectangle, and Ellipse markups to specific dimensions based on the scale set in a PDF. Markups can be drawn with the mouse or, alternatively, type in length and rotation values directly for precise control.
Studio Enhancements
  • Project Folder Permissions
    Project permissions can now be set on a per folder basis. This allows the Project host or admin to set different permissions for each folder in a Project, including the ability to hide a folder from individuals or specific groups of users.Note: Modifying the permissions of a Studio Project through Revu 2015 modifies the project’s settings, disabling the ability for users in previous versions of Revu to update them.
  • Share a Project file with anyone via a Studio File Link, which can be password-protected and set to automatically expire after 24 hours. Any updates made to the file will then be available to download via the File Link at any time, from anywhere, without requiring a Studio account.
  • Automatic Session Expiration
    Sessions can now be set to automatically expire at a specific date and time. When that period has expired, markup activity and Session access are automatically restricted. Notification emails are sent to all attendees at specific intervals leading up to the expiration, as well as when the Session expires.
  • Save Sessions to Project Without Finalizing
    Files added to a Session from a Studio Project can now be manually updated and checked back into the Project as a revision at any time, without finalizing the Session. This allows the host or admin to maintain a history of activity in the Session over time.
  • Fixed Issues in Studio
    • Issue has been resolved in which logging into Studio with wrong email casing prevents user from working offline.
    • Issue has been resolved when using Active Directory credentials to work offline then going back online in Sessions.
    • Fixed issue with following an attendee viewing a 3D PDF in Sessions.
    • Issue has been resolved with PDF edit text changes not being saved upon check-in in Projects.
    • Issue has been resolved in which AD user with Unicode (e.g. Japanese) characters are not able to log into Studio.
    • Fixed issue with using special characters in Project folder names.
This update also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:
  • SharePoint Integration
    • Further improvements to authentication based on real name attributes.
    • Improved support for editing metadata properties.
    • Fixed compatibility with SharePoint sites hosted through F5.com.
  • PDF Creation
    • Fixed an issue with batch PDF conversion through AutoCAD not using the correct page setup.
    • Addressed an issue in which the Bluebeam PDF printer would not correctly post process files as PDF/A.
    • Resolved issue in which users could not create 3D PDF with some Revit 2013 files.
  • Reduce File Size
    • Fixed issues when black or white boxes would appear on some documents after Reduce File Size was run.
    • Fixed an issue when running Reduce File Size would corrupt some specific PDF content and cause it to disappear.
  • Text Input Issues
    • Further improvements to Static XFA forms compatibility, when some fields in previous versions would not allow users to input text.
    • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting text on some files could crash Revu.
  • Fixed display issues where areas of a PDF were not correctly being masked.
  • Some Interactive JavaScript Stamps, when applied to a PDF, no longer cause Revu to crash.
  • Further improvements made to the Internet Explorer browser add-on to better support PDFs, including FileOpen technology.
  • Improved output from OCE plotters in which some printouts would contain unexpected thin lines that could mask other text on drawings.
  • Addressed an issue with Sets files not correctly detecting DMS integration when connected by UNC paths.
  • Fixed issues in which markups with hatch patterns would print out blurry.
  • Resolved issues related to incorrect measurement results in PDF viewports when applied through BFX.

Revu 12


Fixed an issue in which Revu 12.5 MSI installations failed to register properly through a proxy.
SharePoint Integration
  • Improved speed of logging in and opening files located on some SharePoint sites.
  • Expanded support for environments utilizing firewall /authentication exceptions based on user agent string.
  • Enhanced dialog box communication when metadata fields that are required, but have not been filled in correctly, cause a file to fail the check-in process.
  • Increased login flexibility to support credentials formatted as “user@domain.com”.
  • Fixed an issue when Revu would fail to update SharePoint metadata columns with a “.” in the name.
  • Improved speed navigating between Batch Link dialog boxes when a large quantity of files is selected.
  • Resolved issue when Batch Link would not create relative hyperlinks from a current Set when files were stored on SharePoint.
Reduce File Size
Addressed issue when running Reduce File Size on some files caused block boxes to appear on the document, or it did not correctly render all content in Adobe Acrobat.
Headers and Footers
Fixed an issue in which clicking “Cancel” when applying headers and footers could cause Revu to crash.
PDF Forms
Resolved an issue when printing some PDF forms altered the space of text entered in certain fields.
  • Files associated with a supported DMS are now correctly associated when configured with UNC paths.
  • Sets panel thumbnails now correctly display a new instance of a markup each time it is moved.
Overlay Pages
Resolved an issue in which invoking “Align Points” could result in a PDF containing only the content of one of the selected files.
Markups List
Filtering certain markups by color no longer incorrectly filters out all markups.
Create PDF
  • Resolved issue in which the Bluebeam PDF printer would fail to create a PDF when set to PDF/A-1b.
  • “Create from File” function no longer incorrectly overwrites an existing file if the file is open in Revu.
  • The Bluebeam PDF printer can now print from a DWF file in Design Review 2013.
Custom Columns
Added support for parentheses in formula columns. This addresses an issue when Custom Columns would drop parentheses, causing the formula to calculate incorrectly.
Thumbnails Tab
Resolved an issue in which users reordering pages by dragging and dropping in the Thumbnails Tab would unexpectedly modify Page Labels.
  • Fixed issue when some activities taking place in Session documents during offline use were not correctly updating the Record panel or showing in the Summary.
  • Resolved an issue with some Studio Projects causing Revu to crash on Windows 8 systems when a user attempted to change Project permissions.
  • Corrected an issue regarding Sessions that were unable to finalize due to unique changes in stamp properties.
  • Fixed an issue with 3D PDF markup indicators not displaying on the document in Sessions.
  • Addressed an issue with some markups incorrectly remaining visible for other attendees after being deleted during offline collaboration by a user who reconnected to the Internet.
  • Page Labels have been added to Markup Alerts email.


New Studio Features
Seamless Offline for Sessions
Continue viewing, marking up and uploading Session documents when working offline. All changes will upload when connectivity is restored.
  • Markup Alerts
    Notify individual Session attendees of markups in need of their attention. New Session Notification panel ensures recipients can easily navigate and manage all Markup Alerts received.
  • Push Email Notifications
    Session and Project participants can now opt to receive timely email notifications of the following activity:
  • When Session or Project documents are added or removed.
  • When Project documents are checked in with changes.
  • When any attendee updates their Session Status.
  • When a Markup Alert is received from another attendee. Markup Alert emails also contain a preview image of the marked up area, and a direct link to that exact area of the Session document.
Server Switching
Switch between private Studio Enterprise servers and the Studio cloud more easily.
Improved Proxy Server Support
Bluebeam Studio offers improved support when operated in proxy environments.
Additional Enhancements
3D PDF creation is now supported in Navisworks Manage and Simulate 2015.
Revit Plugin Improvements
A new post-processing option optimizes PDFs created with non-rectangular crop boxes, resulting in dramatically smaller file sizes (Revit 2014 and above).
Markups List Improvements
  • A new Depth column in the Markups list allows users to quickly add or modify an existing depth for use in takeoffs, formulas and Wall Area calculations.
  • CSV Summaries that contain data fields with commas are now compatible with Excel.
  • PDF Summaries now correctly display Capture images when they are attached to a child markup.
3D PDF Support for Right Hemisphere Compression
Revu 12.5 now supports 3D PDFs created with Right Hemisphere Compression.
Rendering Enhancements
Revu now supports four additional shading types:
  • Free-form Gouraud-shaded triangle mesh
  • Lattice-form Gouraud-shaded triangle mesh
  • Coons patch mesh
  • Tensor-product patch mesh
OCR Improvements (eXtreme only)
OCR now skips page regions that already have searchable text. This allows users to effectively process PDFs without concern for duplicating text in those regions. Batch Link now supports full file paths in the destination column. This allows users to manually specify local and mapped paths, as well as paths to SharePoint, ProjectWise and Studio Projects.
SharePoint Improvements
  • Bluebeam Sets (.bex) files now load much quicker when opening from a SharePoint site.
  • Addressed timeout issues when checking in large files.
  • Fixed an issue with some metadata fields not displaying.
  • Improved performance on SharePoint libraries with larger number of files.
Other Resolved Issues
  • Header and footers now correctly calculate page sums when a range is defined.
  • Addressed issue when marking up Certified PDFs (with markup permission enabled) in Sessions invalidated the PDF.
  • Revu now supports emailing PDFs opened through the Bluebeam bFX protocol.
  • Windows 8 task bar is no longer covered when maximizing Revu on a second monitor.
  • Fixed issue with some PDFs displaying an incorrect amount of pages.
  • Resolved issue when files printed from Revu resulted in missing content.
  • Fixed issue with Reduce File Size incorrectly causing content on some files to disappear.
  • Resolved an issue in which users could no longer change the subject of Count measurements.
  • Further performance and rendering improvements for files opened in Revu.


New Measurement Features
  • Linear, area and volume measurement units can now be separately defined. For example, select inches, acres and cubic yards as length, area and volume, respectively.
  • Custom Column formulas now support Wall Area calculations.
AutoCAD and Revit 2015 (CAD and eXtreme only)
Plug-ins for one-button and batch creation of PDFs are now compatible with AutoCAD and Revit 2015.
SketchUp Pro 2014 (CAD and eXtreme only)
SketchUp Pro 2014 users can now export SketchUp models to 3D PDF.
SharePoint Improvements
  • WebTabs in Revu now support links to PDFs on SharePoint.
  • Resolved issue with Markup list statuses incorrectly allowing changes on locked files.
Studio Improvements
  • Revu no longer crashes when attempting to check out files in Studio Projects with ~!@#$%^&*()_+`-={}[];,. characters in the file path.
  • Bluebeam Vu now correctly maintains layer associations for markups in tool sets.
Additional Enhancements and Resolved Issues Including:
  • Fixed issue with Revu crashing when creating a PDF file and opening it directly from Revit.
  • Crashes on launch related to .NET 4.5 installations and Recents list addressed.
  • Resolved issue with Polyline and Cloud markup properties not accepting changes on some PDF files.
  • Batch Link now creates links when search items end with a dash.
  • Addressed issue with AutoMark Page Labels incorrectly duplicating page labels that could not be edited.
  • SHX text characters are no longer incorrectly rendered with sharp points.
  • PDFs created using Deltek software now correctly renders barcodes.


Note: This release fixes issues primarily related to installation, Studio and measurements.
  • Resolved issue when installing Revu 12 which caused the error message "InstallScript Setup Launcher Unicode has stopped working."
  • Resolved issue that caused InstallShield Silent Setup to fail on machines without Microsoft .Net 4.5 previously installed.
  • Resolved issue in which Studio Projects would crash when attempting to check out PDFs with file names that included unsupported character symbols.
  • Resolved issue in which measurement calibrations were not correctly saved in Viewports.
  • Resolved issue in which modifying properties of a radius markup could cause Revu to crash.


Embed multiple photos from the field or your image library to any markup, and use the new Capture viewer to easily click through all embedded images.
Measurement Enhancements
  • Horizontal and vertical scales can now be calibrated independently
  • All measurement markups calculate Length, Area, Volume and Wall Area whenever possible
  • A Wall Area column is now available in the Markups list
  • Radius tool allows you to draw radii from the center out
  • All measurement markups now support moving and rotating captions
  • Length measurement arrows now reposition outwards for short dimensions
  • CSV and XML Summaries have an option to only include subtotals when exporting from the Markups list
  • Quickly convert units between Imperial and Metric using the Recalculate button
Full-Screen Crosshairs
Users can now enable full-screen crosshairs, which draw vertical and horizontal lines across the document that meet at the mouse pointer.
  • Group related markups and elements, or even nest multiple groups within a single group, while still maintaining individual control
  • Grouped measurements will now automatically calculate a subtotal in the Markups list
Reduce File Size 2.0
A new interface gives Revu’s Reduce File Size tool a major facelift to complement improved image compression and overall performance.
Static XFA Support
PDF forms containing Static XFA technology can now be viewed, filled out and saved. Batch Link automates the process of creating complex navigational hyperlinks between documents with searchable text. Select your files, folders or a Set, and Batch Link will analyze your PDFs, generating a list of search terms and corresponding link destinations to process.
SketchUp Pro Plugin (CAD and eXtreme only)
SketchUp Pro 2013 users can now export SketchUp models to 3D PDF.
AutoMark 2.0
AutoMark 2.0 improves on the original AutoMark feature, allowing you to create bookmarks and page labels by combining multiple page regions and easily add prefixes, suffixes and symbols. AutoMark now also supports files that contain non-searchable text, such as scans.
Sets 2.0
Sets 2.0 introduces the following elements to Sets:
  • A list view mode provides a streamlined alternative to thumbnail viewing
  • Page Up/Down and Next/Previous View Navigation buttons now work with Sets
  • Hyperlinks within a Set will automatically redirect to the latest file revisions, as defined by your Revision Filter settings
  • support for files in Studio Projects
OCR+ (eXtreme only)
OCR+ offers significant performance improvements in large format drawings. Original vector and/or bitmap fidelity is now preserved in the resulting file. Profiles optimized for CAD and text documents allow users to switch settings based on document types.
Headers & Footers Enhancements
Headers & Footers settings are now saved with your document, allowing for easier editing and updating as revisions and new pages are added.
Studio Enhancements
  • Local file caching has been redesigned to support relative hyperlinks between PDF and non-PDF files stored in Studio Projects
  • Studio Session Administrators can now grant full control to trusted attendees
  • Batch processes and digital signatures can now be applied to files stored in Studio Projects
  • Users can opt in or out of receiving notifications for Sessions and Projects
This update also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:
  • Various rendering and display issues addressed
  • Various print orientation and graphics issues resolved; improved compatibility with Fiery RIP environments; further optimizations to reduce large print job sizes
  • Spaces are now printable
  • Default PDF creation resolution settings have been reconfigured to 300 DPI
  • Resolved issue in which files saved over point-to-point connections unexpectedly lose content
  • Resolved issue in which hyperlinks break after unflattening, copy/pasting markups and re-flattening
  • Resolved issue in which users were incorrectly prompted for SharePoint credentials on other DMS solutions
  • Further DMS support for PDFs opened through the IE browser plugin
  • Email templates now accept dynamic text, similar to the Stamp Editor
  • Ruler view now displays cursor position and markup selection
  • Revu WebTabs can now be configured to recognize files in SharePoint
  • Sets files stored in SharePoint and accessed via Webdav are now editable

Revu 11


This update contains a number of enhancements and resolved issues, including:
  • Resolved issue in which files caused a .NET runtime error
  • Files saved over point-to-point connections no longer lose content
  • Various print issues resolved; improved compatibility with Fiery RIP environments
  • Further support added for viewing PDFs through the IE Plugin from Prolog
  • Batch PDF issues resolved with AutoCAD 2012 (and earlier) and .NET 4.5
  • Resolved issue in which bookmarks disappear when PDFs are combined and saved
  • Various rendering and display issues addressed, including:
    • Various text display issues
    • PDFs that would not display all pages
    • 3D PDFs with colors not displaying properly in Acrobat
    • Improved compatibility with PDFs created from QuickBooks
  • Stamps now display correctly in an attachment on the same page
  • Hyperlinks no longer break after unflattening, copy/pasting markups and re-flattening
  • Jump To hyperlinks no longer break when splitting documents on Studio Projects files and saving back to Studio Projects
  • Revu templates now calculate when forms are used as a template


SharePoint Integration Improvements
  • Improved compatibility with SharePoint Online.
  • Improved hyperlink support with Bluebeam web browser plugin.
  • Bluebeam web browser plugin now allows users to check out PDFs and edit them in Revu.
  • Resolved issue combining PDF files in SharePoint’s Explorer View.
  • Further performance improvements and reported issues addressed.
ProjectWise Integration Improvements
  • Improved hyperlink functionality.
Microsoft Office Integration Improvements
  • Protected Word documents now convert to PDF.
  • Excel plugin no longer creates a PDF with incorrect number of pages.
Digital Signatures
  • Further compatibility between documents signed in Adobe Acrobat.
Studio Improvements
  • Studio invitations now support the Outlook Exchanger Server Contacts Lists.
  • Resolved an issue involving some PDFs in Studio not downloading correctly.
  • Searching a Studio Session document will no longer show the incorrect name for the document.
Additional Enhancements and Resolved Issues
  • Improved rendering speed on PDF files published from AutoCAD 2013.
  • Text within the Note annotation can now be resized.
  • Improved logic associated with filtering markups in the Markups list.
  • Resolved issue involving Revu printing PDF forms with incorrect data.
  • Fixed issues in which Revu became unstable after specific PDF files were opened.
  • The Save As function in the IE browser plug-in now maintains the correct file name if spaces are present.


Camera Tool
Add image annotations to PDFs directly from the field using your tablet PC’s built-in camera hardware.
Touch and Pen Input
Enable Windows 8 tablets to pan and zoom with your fingers while making annotations with your stylus.
Automatically preserve all relative hyperlinks when combining and separating linked PDFs.
Studio Projects and Sessions Improvements
  • View the revision history of Project files and restore any previous version of a document.
  • Full Control permission now includes all Project Host capabilities, including the power to delete a Project.
  • Search for local (synced) Project documents by filename in the Search tab.
  • Remove Sessions or Projects from your Attended list by simply right-clicking and selecting Remove From List.
  • Hover over a checked-out Project file to display the ID of the user who checked out the file.
  • See real-time progress updates when finalizing a Studio Session, with improved error handling.
Digital Signatures Improvements
  • Multiple signatures can now be collected on a single document without the need for certification.
  • Adobe Acrobat signature interoperability has been improved.
  • Digital Certificates now show as valid in Acrobat when multiple signatures are placed on a PDF after they are certified.
Additional Fixes and Improvements
  • Addressed issue with Microsoft® Excel® hyperlinks not being transferred correctly when creating PDFs.
  • Resolved issue with PDFs created using the Microsoft Word plugin not including correct page breaks.
  • Pen and Highlighter tools have been improved for use with Windows Surface Pro running Windows 8.
  • Addressed issue with 3D PDFs printing to PDF.
  • Fixed issue involving vector snapshots pasting as black rectangles in some instances.
  • Resolved issue in which some lines, shaded areas and hatch patterns would not render correctly when zooming in and out of PDFs.
  • Improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performance to work in virtual environments.


Revu 11 is localized in nine languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German, Spanish, Dutch, French (European) and Italian. Bluebeam's free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu, is also available in these nine languages.
AutoCAD®, Navisworks® and Revit® 2014
Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme plug-ins for one-button and batch creation of PDFs are now compatible with AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate 2014.
ProjectWise® Select Service 4
Revu 11.1 introduces compatibility with Bentley ProjectWise SS4.
Plugin Improvements
  • Addressed issue in which 3D objects may not be created in the correct location on a 3D PDF.
  • Windows 8 64-bit and Microsoft Outlook® 2013 64-bit are now supported.
Studio Projects and Sessions Improvements
  • Addressed issue that may cause stalling during download of files within a Session.
  • Fixed issue in which large files (200+ MB) would not check back into a Studio Project.
  • Resolved issue in which layers were not maintained when finalizing Sessions.
Digital Signature Improvements
Certifying a document for multiple signature signing is now compatible with Adobe Acrobat.
Bluebeam PDF Printer Improvements
  • Printing PDFs after switching user accounts in Windows is now supported.
  • Issues that impeded Revu Standard user accounts from printing multiple PDF files have been addressed.
Additional Fixes and Improvements
  • Addressed issue that hindered inserting PDF pages behind an active page.
  • Fixed issue with page labels created in Revu 11.0 not displaying in Adobe Acrobat.


Introduction to New Features
For more detailed information on these features, please see the Help Guide included in Revu.
Windows 8 support
Revu 11 is officially compatible with Windows 8, including support for Windows 8 multi-touch drivers and hi-resolution displays up to 4K.
Format Painter
The Format Painter can be used to easily copy appearance formatting and properties of one annotation and apply them to another annotation or group of annotations.
Create bookmarks from page labels and page labels from bookmarks. You can also define a region on a page that contains searchable text, such as a title block, to automatically generate bookmark names or page labels. These options are available in the Bookmarks and Thumbnails tabs respectively.
VisualSearch™ Enhancements
VisualSearch has been upgraded to include results that vary by color and rotation (in 45 degree increments), or are obscured by intersecting lines. Powerful filtering options are provided for both raster and vector art documents to refine your search selection, and a count can now be generated from your search results.
Sets allows you to navigate a large file set as if it was a single document, in a single tab, without modifying the associated files in any way. Files selected for inclusion in a Set can be sorted by page label or file name, and filtering options for revisions and addendums allow users to quickly see the most recent version of a document.
Studio Projects Offline
Files in a Studio Project can now be synced down locally to allow for offline access. Edits made offline can be checked in once Internet connectivity is restored. Additionally, Edit Offline mode enables users to markup and edit documents they did not check out before going offline.
Enhancements to Stapler
The Stapler's PDF creation engine has been significantly updated. In addition to improved results when publishing PDFs and combining documents via the Stapler, file convert and combine options have been added to the Windows Explorer context (right-click) menu.
3D PDF Enhancements
  • Convert IFC files directly into 3D PDFs
  • Section Box tool allows you to isolate regions of a 3D model for improved issue communication
  • 3D PDF rendering has been improved
  • Transform tool allows you to move individual objects within a 3D PDF
  • Copy objects from a 3D model and paste them into a PDF as a new 3D model
Markup Enhancements (Callouts, Clouds and Text Markups)
  • Callouts now include circular and triangular text box options. Leader lines will now automatically re-attach to the appropriate side of the text box when moving callouts.
  • Cloud properties now include the ability to modify the size of cloud curves and an option to invert the cloud pattern.
  • Users can configure text markups with an Auto Size option to resize text as the markup is resized.
Structures™ (Revu eXtreme™ only)
Structures allows you to quickly add complex, hierarchical bookmarks to a file by pulling in dynamic components from a selection of bookmark templates. You can easily create your own templates or modify existing ones that are included in the software. Share these templates with others by simply using the Import and Export features of the Structures Manager.
Split Documents
From the Documents tab, you can now split a PDF into multiple sections by Top Level Bookmark, File Size and Page Count without altering the source file in any way.
Manage PDF Templates
The File>New dropdown now allows you to select and edit PDF templates directly.
Drag and Drop Columns
Columns can now be rearranged via drag and drop.
Formula Editor
Streamline the creation of Custom Column formulas with a new expressions-based editor. Just start typing in the Formula Editor's expression field to see a list of available functions and variables.
Other Enhancements
  • Manage comprehensive auto-complete options from the General Preferences pane.
  • Viewports are now visible by default when adding measurements.
  • Users can now set default visual properties for hyperlinks.
  • A new preference setting for opening a document at your last page and view.
  • In the Thumbnails Tab, page labels can now be edited with a double-click.
  • When Markups are resized, any associated text will also be resized accordingly.
Plugin Compatibility
  • AutoCAD®, Navisworks® Manage/Simulate and Revit® (latest version)
  • Solidworks® 2013
  • MS Office 2013
  • IE browser plug-in now supports FileOpen and PDFs on secured websites

Revu 10


Note: This release fixes an important issue when using Studio Projects.
An immediate update is recommended for all Studio Projects users.
Studio Projects Improvements
  • Resolved issue in which locally cached Project files were not updating properly during check-out.
  • Fixed issue in which users were unable to overwrite existing Project files via the Document Management Toolbar.
SharePoint Improvements
  • Resolved issue with failed deletion of locally stored temporary files.


Markup and editing improvements
  • Resolved issue with PDFs inserted as layers rotating unexpectedly.
  • Addressed issue with Stamps distorting after being applied to rotated PDF files.
  • Addressed issue with stamps that include JavaScript not applying correctly.
  • Addressed issue with note markups in specific documents not displaying data properly.
  • Users can now clear their own digital signatures on secure files.
Revu performance improvements
  • Fixed error where opening specific PDF files could cause an I/O race condition alert.
  • Addressed UI and performance issues associated with split screen modes.
  • Addressed issue in which unique PDF files could have segments that did not display correctly.
  • Resolved issue with text not rendering correctly in certain PDF files.
  • Addressed a unique situation in which an embedded font could be corrupted.
Tablet PC improvements
Auto-recognize text now supports large format PDFs (i.e., files wider than 17 inches).
AutoCAD plugin improvements
Resolved issue in which the AutoCAD 2011 plug-in would not convert certain DWG files to PDF that were created outside of AutoCAD.
Bluebeam Administrator improvements
Addressed issue in which users logged into their computer without administrator-level permissions would experience error alerts while making changes to the Bluebeam Administrator.


Printing improvements
Significant performance improvements have been made related to large print jobs. Files sent to a printer have been greatly reduced in size for many tasks.
Revit plugin improvements
Revit 2013 now supports Linked Models for 3D PDF creation in Revu. Multiple stability improvements to the export of 3D models from Revit have been added.
AutoCAD LT 2013 support
Revu now supports a print access toolbar for AutoCAD LT 2013.
Word plugin improvements
Issues involving dropped pages in documents with multiple sections, links within table of contents, and generating PDFs from documents featuring a "section 0" have been resolved.
Excel plugin improvements
Issues involving the conversion of hyperlinks from Excel have been resolved.
Significant performance improvements have been made for SharePoint 2007 users including improved file access speed and improved performance for network-mapped SharePoint paths. A connectivity issue was resolved that occurred when sub-sites were configured with an upper/lower case character mismatch (i.e. using "demo" instead of "Demo").
Address Book improvements
The Address Book feature in Bluebeam Studio now works with Outlook, in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode. The Address Book now also supports Exchange.
Revu Updates
The PDF Engine has been updated to help solve issues associated with combining fonts. The positioning of 3D markup indicators has been improved so that they are placed more closely to the location where markups exist. 3D markup indicators now display in default views.
Studio Improvements
Various stability enhancements and minor usability tweaks for Studio sessions and projects have been added such as:
  • Intermittent issues with delete/copy/cut/paste shortcuts have been resolved.
  • Preferences dialog for Studio immediately reflects changes made to the checkout on open flag.
  • Studio now displays the session owner's email in the Available Sessions dialog.
Citrix XenApp improvements
Local printer and user interface issues involving Citrix XenApp have been addressed. Slash direction for hyperlinks created in Revu Windows has been updated to fully support iPad and Mac applications.
Localization issues resolved
The CSV file output from the Markups list now supports proper text delimiter based on region. The Command Bar Accelerator keys utilizing ALT have also been adjusted for localizations of Revu.
x64 MSI support
The missing JavaScript Library in x64 MSI deployment has been resolved.
This update also includes a number of additional key fixes and improvements, including:
  • Addressed issue with Revu opening PDF forms that contain JavaScript.
  • Resolved issue in which Revu would not open unique PDF files on a FIPS-enabled computer.
  • Resolved issues with certain stamps placed on documents appearing squished or distorted.
  • Fixed issues where importing tool sets and profiles would result in all lower case names.
  • Addressed issues with the automatic selection of ledger instead of A3 page size.


Revu 10 is localized in nine languages. In addition to updating the existing Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German, and Spanish versions, Revu 10.1 introduces new language support for Dutch, French (European) and Italian. Bluebeam's free PDF viewer, Bluebeam Vu, is also available in these nine languages.
ProjectWise® Plug-in
A new ProjectWise plug-in allows users to create Bluebeam Studio™ sessions for real-time collaboration directly from within ProjectWise.
AutoCAD® 2013 and Revit® 2013
The Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme plug-ins for one button and batch creation of PDFs are now compatible with AutoCAD 2013 and Revit 2013.
3D PDF Creation in Navisworks® Simulate 2011/2012/2013
Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme now include new plug-ins into Navisworks Simulate (2011, 2012, 2013) to create 3D PDF and U3D files.
Bluebeam Administrator
In Revu 10.1, users can control the loading of the Office and Outlook plugins separately.
Outlook Plug-in
The Outlook plug-in now supports PDF creation from emails that span across multiple PST files. Also in PDF Packages, the modified column now shows the time stamp of the email.
PDF Encryption Improvements
Revu now supports the opening of AES-256 encrypted PDF files. Additionally, Revu supports encrypting files using AES-128 and AES-256.
3D Markup Improvements
3D markups are now supported for PDFs being redlined using Revu's bFX protocol.


Redesigned User Interface
A brand new interface for Revu 10! We've refreshed the look and functionality of Revu. Key features include: The Command Bar: Organizes commands in a logical, easily accessible layout. Pin Commands: Ability to Pin features to specific Toolbar or to a new Toolbar.
Spaces provides an innovative feature to define areas within the PDF that makes tracking and sorting markups easier. Spaces is particularly useful when using Bluebeam Revu to perform Punch and Project Walkthroughs. Links enables adding, editing, and managing hyperlinks in all your PDF documents. Define and save named locations, called Places. The Places section of the Links tab lists all current link destinations and provides tools for editing, creating, and assigning hyperlinks to the PDF.
Stamps created in Revu are now PDF files with support for dynamic text. Dynamic JavaScript PDF Stamps are now supported in Revu.
3D PDF Creation
Create 3D PDFs with new plug-ins for Revit® (2011, 2012) and Navisworks® Manage (2011, 2012). Includes various creation settings to create 3D content.
Ability to add 2D Markups to 3D PDF Views
Simply choose a view and begin adding the same familiar markups in the 3D model views. Once markups are added, indicators appear where markups are placed in the models. This provides a seamless integration relating 2D markups to the dynamic 3D models.
3D Clipping Plane
Define a 3D clipping plane in 3D models. The clipping planes may be saved in the 3D views.
Studio Sessions Improvements and new Studio Project
Studio Projects provides for cloud based storage of your files. Projects act as a simple document management system, making it easy to share files and collaborate on documents for a project. Project hosts may invite an unlimited number of attendees to join a project, and upload folders or any file type to be viewed. PDF files stored in projects may be used to start a session for online collaboration and markup. Hosts also have the power to set permissions for groups of attendees or a single attendee such as the ability to add or delete files, invite attendees to a project, create sessions from a project and manage permissions.
Bluebeam Vu™ (for Windows)
Vu is our professional, free PDF viewer. Vu, based on the same technology as Revu, incorporates many of the functions of Revu - Navigation, Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Text Search. Vu users have the capability to participate and markup in Studio sessions and access files in Studio projects. Vu also provides the ability to fill and save forms.
Custom Line Styles
Custom line styles can be created and applied to Line, Polyline, Rectangle, Polygon and Cloud markups. Use the custom Line Style editor to make your own custom line styles.
Outlook® Plugin
Revu 10 integrates with Outlook (2007, 2010) for one-button PDF creation in Outlook. Emails can be combined into one PDF file, multiple files or a PDF Package.
Overlay Pages Enhancements
Overlay pages supports comparing more than 2 layers in PDFs, and the ability to choose files from a range of pages from multiple documents. Pick alignment points to line up different sized or skewed PDFs for an accurate comparison.
Layers Improvements
Annotations may be assigned to specific Layers with ease by right-clicking on the annotation or assigning the layer in the Markups list. Annotations can be flattened and unflattened from the associated layer. A markup and its layer can be defined in the Tool Chest. Layers can also be deleted.
Tool Chest™ Improvements
Markups saved in My Tools and custom tool sets can now be displayed in two different modes, Symbols and Detail. Detail mode displays the tools in a table, allowing for bulk changes in an efficient manner.
Form fields can be multi-selected to copy and paste multiple form fields at once. Properties of multi-selected form fields may also be changed simultaneously.
PDF Summary
Revu 10 includes an additional PDF summary format. A PDF summary may now be printed in a Table format.
Polygonal Cut Content
An enhancement has been made to the Cut content and Erase content tool to define a polygon (not just a rectangle) to define the areas to remove from a PDF.
SharePoint® Enhancements
Now includes SharePoint Online 2010 support and improvements to the handling of hyperlinked PDFs in the SharePoint environment. SharePoint server aliases are now supported.
Citrix Ready™ for XenApp™
Revu has been certified Citrix Ready for XenApp 6.0 and 6.5, meaning that now Revu may be deployed in a Citrix environment.
Revu Settings
Roaming Profile support has been implemented, which allows segregation of user preferences in each new version of Revu. The Revu settings (i.e. Profiles/User Preferences/Tool Sets/etc..) have been moved to roaming profiles.
New Append Modes - Append and Prepend
The Save As dialog now includes an option to Append or Prepend to an existing PDF file.

Revu 9


Windows/Outlook Preview Pane support
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, many filetypes are automatically supported in the Preview Pane, however there is no default support for PDF. Revu now provides support for previewing PDF files in Windows Explorer and Outlook.
TWAIN Compatible Driver
TWAIN compatibility is now supported in Revu, which increases the number of scanners and cameras available.
Studio improvements
In Revu, Studio sessions now support the modification of the Status of markups created by other users. This enhancement also includes the persistence of custom status colors and text after the session is finished.
SharePoint improvements
Revu now features improved SharePoint performance, as well as enhancements to forms-based authentication and claims-based authentication.
FileOpen support
Revu supports PDF files that have been secured by FileOpen's Digital Rights Management product.


PDF/A Support
Bluebeam Revu supports creating files that are PDF/A-1b compliant according to ISO standards.


3D Viewing
Revu 9 allows users to view 3D content in PDF files and navigate 3D models using standard mouse controls to zoom, pan and rotate. Change navigation modes, perspective, views, background color, rendering mode, and more. The 3D Model Tree panel in the Revu interface displays all of the views and parts in the file.
AutoCAD plug-in improvements
Revu CAD and eXtreme support the transfer of SHX fonts to PDF, and the transfer of hyperlinks from model space to paper space. Page Setups created in AutoCAD can now be imported into the Bluebeam Page Setup dialog.
AutoCAD Sheet Set support
Revu CAD and eXtreme include Sheet Set (DST file) support that allows you to open a Sheet Set in the batch wizard, add all files in a Sheet Set to a PDF plot file, and drag and drop a Sheet Set file onto the Batch window.
Bluebeam Batch improvements in AutoCAD
Revu CAD and eXtreme include an updated batch interface that allows for importing DSD files, multi-selecting files to configure page setup, layouts and advanced settings, as well as the ability to drag and drop new files into the batch. Stamps can be added to individual drawings or to the entire batch.
PDF to MS Office
Users can now export PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, and HTML.
Measurement Cutout
When measuring area, users now have the ability to cutout a portion of the area to exclude from the total area measurement.
On the Search tab users can now select to search for a graphical symbol in the PDF rather than just text. Results of the search will be displayed in a list where actions can be applied such as highlighting or adding hyperlinks.
PDF Forms Creation
Revu eXtreme includes PDF forms creation. Add Acroform fields to PDFs such as text fields, buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, and digital signature fields. PDF forms include formatting, validation, and calculation options, defined actions and support for JavaScript.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Revu eXtreme adds OCR technology for converting scanned PDFs to searchable and selectable text. OCR can be applied to existing PDF files individually and in a batch, or during the Scan to PDF process. Many options are included such as de-skewing and detecting the proper orientation of text to scan the file correctly.
Revu eXtreme includes a powerful scripting option to automate multi-step processes on the desktop. For example, a Script can be created to automatically add a text stamp, flatten markups and attach the PDF to an email message. Scripts can be created in the Script Editor and initiated with the click of a button from the toolbar. Scripts are saved to a profile and can be distributed to all end users.
MultiView™ Extended
Users can now open more than one session of Revu at a time. Pages of PDF files can be moved from one session of Revu to another by dragging and dropping the thumbnails. Users can also drag document and feature tabs off the main window into their own window to view on multiple monitors.
Translate Markups
Revu utilizes Google Translate to translate text markups from one language to another.
Custom Statuses for Markups
In the Revu Markups list, statuses associated with each markup can be customized with specific text and saved with the Profile. Additionally, markup properties can be assigned, that automatically change the color or text in the markup when a particular status is selected.
Multi-leader Callout
With Revu 9, users can add additional leader lines to Callout markups. After placing a Callout on a PDF, right click on the markup and select Add Leader.
Crop Image
Image markups that are placed on a PDF can now be cropped using the Image Properties panel, by selecting the crop icon in the shapes toolbar or by right-clicking on the image and selecting crop.
Erase Content
Erase content allows users to select a rectangular region of a PDF and remove the underlying content to simplify redaction in most instances. The full redaction feature with advanced settings is available in eXtreme.
Cut Content
Cut Content allows users to remove the underlying content in a defined rectangular region and paste it elsewhere in the document.
Snap to Markup
Snapping to a markup allows you to better align markups in a PDF file. When turned on, the snapping feature displays guidelines on the PDF to apply markups that are aligned with other markups on the page. The technology is also used when adding form fields in eXtreme.
Markup Improvements
When moving a markup, it now snaps to the corner nearest the mouse cursor instead of using only the upper left corner. Also, when multi-selecting markups in the Markups list, the corresponding pages in thumbnails are automatically selected making it easier to print all pages that include markups. In the File Access tab, users have the option of selecting a Recent file and placing a hyperlink of that file onto the current PDF. The hyperlink button appears next to the Pin button when hovering over the file name. When clicked, a rectangle can be selected on the PDF to immediately apply the hyperlink.
Revu 9 supports Unicode languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean (or any language that supports left-to-right writing direction) in the markups, headers & footers, PDF Summaries, digital signatures and more.
Text Services Framework
Revu 9 is a Text Services Framework Aware Application which allows for speech recognition and the Windows Tablet PC Input Panel when adding markups to PDFs.
Quick Launch
An install and administrative option is available to have Revu open in the background when the computer boots. An icon is displayed in the system tray to indicate that Revu is running in the background.
Selecting Print Page Range
In the Revu print dialog, users have more freedom when selecting a page range to include when printing a document.

Revu 8


Bluebeam Studio™
Bluebeam Studio allows users to collaborate online with team members from anywhere at any time. Session hosts can start a session, upload PDF files and invite anyone to join. Markups are added to the same PDF in real time or at any time the session is active, and a built in chat makes communication simple. All markups and chat activity are tracked in a Record that links back to the document and displays the same view of the PDF as when the markups were made. Once a session is complete, the files can be saved and a report can be generated for archiving purposes.
Presentation mode
Allows PDF pages to be displayed on screen as a presentation. Presentation options include looping, auto advance pages, custom background colors and transition effects.
Full Screen mode
The Revu interface can be changed to Full Screen mode, removing all panels, menus and toolbars from the interface for maximum PDF viewing. Full screen mode displays a customizable floating toolbar that can be used to add markups while in this mode.


File Access
The File Access tab tracks recently opened PDF files in a list, displays a preview, and reopens the file with a mouse click. Pin and organize commonly used files by folder, sort by date or file name or group by category. Search local or remote files from the Revu interface and reopen all files from a previous session with one button.
SharePoint & ProjectWise integration
Direct integration with SharePoint & ProjectWise makes it simple to access files in a shared library. Open files, add markups and edits, then check them back in without leaving the Revu interface. Each user can control the level of integration that best fits their workflow.
Revit plug-in
Revu 8 integrates with Revit 2010 for one-button PDF creation from Revit. Select sheets to include in the PDF and reorder the sheets before creating the PDF.
Customizable toolbars
Control which toolbar icons are displayed within Revu's interface, or create a custom toolbar that includes any combination of icons you prefer.
Custom Columns in Markups list
Create custom columns in the Markups list that include formulas for calculations, drop down menus, check boxes, dates, or text.
Overlay Pages
Visually compare two different PDF drawings by converting each drawing to a different colored layer and then overlaying the drawings so you can easily view the differences.
Markup actions
Add hyperlink properties to markups. Revu 8 allows you to add an action to a markup that links to a page, a zoomed area of the PDF, hyperlinks to a website or opens a file.
Markup sequencing
Markups that include a text box with a number or letter can be set to automatically increment in value when added to the PDF.
Color Processing
Change colors in the PDF content by selecting an original color and changing it to a new color. Color processing also changes colored PDFs to monochrome or grayscale.
Internet Explorer plug-in (beta)
View PDF files in IE, complete forms online, search for keywords, take a snapshot, copy text, save files locally, and click a button to open the PDF in a local session of Revu.
Radius measurements
Measurements tool includes the ability to calculate a radius measurement.
Tool Chest additions
Markups that are saved in the Tool chest can be duplicated and changed to any color.
Paste functionality
Copy an item from one page and paste it into the same location on a different page. You can also apply a paste function to specific pages in a document using the thumbnails tab.
Hide Markups
From the Markups list, all markups can be hidden from the PDF using the Hide Markups button.
Alignment modes
When aligning markups on a PDF, Revu 8 offers additional options to align by width, height and size as well as distribute horizontally and vertically.
Snapshot enhancements
Change the color of PDF Snapshots and copy an entire page as a Snapshot using the Thumbnail panel.
More Search Options
Revu 8 adds the option to search within the filename and to search file properties.
3D mouse support
Revu 8 is compatible with the Connextion 3D mouse so users can navigate the PDF and apply markups at the same time.
Highlight mode
Any markup that has a fill color or hatch pattern can be given a highlight effect by selecting the option in the properties panel.

Revu 7


Spell Check
Revu checks markups, form field text and PDF content for spelling errors. Import dictionaries for additional languages.
Scan to PDF
Create PDF files directly from scanned images and digital camera pictures.
Arcs and Curves
Bluebeam continues to improve electronic markup and measurement with the addition of an arc tool and curved markups. With this new functionality, AEC professionals can measure the area, perimeter and volume of curved sections of a drawing with accuracy.
Hatch Patterns
Revu includes several standard hatch patterns (brick, diagonal, weave, etc.) that you can choose to fill markups or create your own hatches with the hatch pattern editor. Hatches can be saved on a network drive to share with your team.
Reduce File Size
Bluebeam gives you more control when reducing the PDF file size. Before the file is reduced, Revu will estimate the file size and give you options to adjust resolution, embedded fonts and other file data.
Batch Office
Version 7.0 brings the ever popular batch wizard to Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Convert countless Office files to PDF in a single batch and designate settings such as page size, color and stamps.
Add flags to PDF files to designate signature lines or draw attention to other important information. Flags can also link to a page in the PDF, a website or another document.
Stamp Editor
Stamp PDF documents with date, time, signatures, seals, logos or any other information you choose. The improved Stamp Editor lets you create custom stamps or edit the stamps included in Revu.
Image Converter
Import jpeg, tiff, bmp and other image files into Revu. Revu automatically converts the image to PDF with an internal image converter and displays the PDF in a flash. Export PDFs or just the markups to an image file that can be imported into AutoCAD.
PDF Packages
Organize multiple files and file types into one PDF package that can be emailed to a client or project manager. PDF packages can include any type of file or a folder of files. Packaged files and folders are displayed in a list that can be sorted and easily navigated.
PDF Templates
Frequently used forms and documents can be saved as a PDF template. Revu includes templates for a fax cover, invoice, submittal and RFI.
Batch Processing
Bluebeam extends its batch processing features to include adding security to a batch of PDF files as well as rotating pages.
AutoCAD 2010
The Bluebeam plug-in is compatible with AutoCAD 2010 for one button PDF creation, custom PDF settings and batch creation out of AutoCAD. Version 7 also includes the ability to create a PDF from the command line of AutoCAD 2010.
Quick Security
Create a security profile to quickly apply security to PDF files.
Measurement Labels
Revu 7 allows you to move the measurement annotation to your desired location by clicking and dragging. This way, the label won't cover any important sections of the PDF drawing.
Compare Documents Improvements
Version 7 allows users to save advanced setting options in the Compare Documents feature and restore default settings.
Eraser tool in Bluebeam Revu now has the option to select from three different sizes.
Flatten Markups
In addition to flattening all the markups in a PDF file, Revu now gives users the option to select individual markups to flatten to the PDF.
The eyedropper allows you to select a color from the PDF document to use when changing the markup color for font, lines and fill.
Page Imposition
Revu allows you to print multiple pages of a PDF onto one printed page.
Markup List
Version 7 added a Page Index to the markup list to indicate the page number on which a markup appears.

Revu 6


PDF Form Filling
Revu now allows users to fill-in form fields in PDFs and save the form. Revu can automatically highlight form fields for better visibility and indicate required fields in red.
Batch Stamping
Opening and stamping individual PDF files is a thing of the past. Now customized stamps can be applied to any number of PDF documents in a batch. Stamps can be added to specified pages or to all pages in a PDF.
De-Skewing Pages
Rotation was added to the Page Setup dialog to correct PDF pages that are skewed. Correct the skewed page by selecting the rotation angle or by automatically aligning the contents of the PDF file to a straight line.
6.5 adds the option of printing PDF files with or without markups and comments. In addition to adding page numbers, Bates stamps and dates, users can now add file name, author and file path to headers and footers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]


New Tablet PC Functionality
Tablet users can now copy and paste between Revu and Windows tablet applications (Journal™ and OneNote™). New pressure sensitivity technology simulates paper and ink to apply thick or thin ink marks based on the pressure you exert on the screen. 6.2 includes options to search a keyword in the current document, all open documents, or to search a folder (including sub-folders) of PDF documents. The search results may be highlighted, redacted, hyperlinked or text annotations (underline, strikethrough, squiggly) can be applied.
Choose Your Interface
During the initial startup of Revu, you have the option of choosing the new or classic style of the interface and selecting an interface profile that best fits your needs. Interface styles can also be changed in Edit > Preferences, then General.
Working with Markups
Many new enhancements have been added that improve the way you select, configure and apply markups. The selection arrow makes it easier to move and adjust markups. New options allow you to flip markups and delete a markup that is part of a group. Stamps can be applied to a batch of PDF documents to scale.
Revu now includes Autopan technology that automatically pans when your mouse reaches the edge of the screen. This allows for uninterrupted work when adding or moving markups, calibrating and measuring.
Bookmark & Thumbnails Enhancements
Revu will now scan the bookmarks in a PDF document to check for valid or broken bookmarks. Broken bookmarks are displayed with a red X in the bookmarks tab. Thumbnail page labels may be edited and can include numbers and fixed text.
PDF Summary Improvements
The PDF summary generated from the markup list now displays a preview of the actual PDF markup in addition to the markup details found in the list.
Better Performance
6.2 adds even more speed and efficiency. Revu starts 10 - 15% faster in 6.2, memory use has been optimized and text editing runs more efficiently.
Text Editing Improvements
Edit Text now supports an overwrite mode activated by using the Insert key.


Typewriter Tool
With one mouse click, place your cursor on the PDF and start typing your text. The Typewriter is perfect for filling out PDF forms or quickly adding text comments to PDF files. Text is fully customizable to change spacing, fonts, color, size, and more.
Digital Signatures
Electronically sign PDF documents to support an electronic workflow and protect your intellectual property. In Revu, users can create a digital ID and digital signature fields in a PDF, certify and sign PDF documents, customize the look of a signature and validate other users' signatures. Signatures of trusted sources can be stored in Revu for immediate validation of documents.
Exclusive New WebTab™
With Bluebeam's latest innovation, the WebTab, searching online just got easier. The WebTab integrates a full web browser giving you direct access to the web within Revu. Search online for PDF brochures, online PDF catalogs and other documents and view them in Revu. Copy, paste and assemble the PDF documents to produce a new PDF file, ready for distribution. Save favorite urls in Revu for faster access.
Redesigned Interface
Revu has a sleek new look that makes it even easier to work the way you want. Easily change markup properties and rearrange the interface with drag and drop functionality to display tabs exactly where you want them.
Measurement Tool Additions
Many additions to the built-in measurement tool make electronic takeoffs better than ever. New features include: calculating volume measurements, counting items on a PDF, storing the drawing scale in the PDF page, setting multiple scales on a single PDF drawing, creating multiple viewports on a page with different scales, and snapping measurement lines to content in the PDF for the most accurate measurement.
Batch Compare Documents
First introduced in 5.0, compare documents automatically compares two PDF files and highlights the differences. Now in 6.0, batches of PDF files can be compared to an original document for even more time savings.
PDF File Attachments
Embed any kind of file in a PDF to send as one information rich, PDF document. File attachments in the PDF are designated with an icon that can be double clicked to open in the appropriate local application.
PDF Bookmark Enhancements
Rearranging and editing PDF bookmarks just got easier. Revu utilizes drag and drop functionality to reorder bookmarks in a PDF and allows users to multi-select bookmarks to change the properties or actions associated with bookmarks.
File Recovery
Don't worry about losing PDF edits if your computer crashes or the power goes off. Bluebeam's new file recovery will allow you to recover the document with all your work intact.

Revu 5


Batch Printing
In Revu, any number of PDF files can be sent to a printer or plotter in a batch. Users can designate settings for the batch to control paper size, pages to include, scaling and more.
PDF Layers
Bluebeam Revu now supports PDF layers. View layers in a PDF document, add layers to existing PDF files, or create a layered PDF from multiple individual PDF files.
Capture vector and raster images from a PDF that can be pasted into any PDF while retaining vector data.


Text Editing
Add, modify, delete or customize text in your PDF document quickly and easily. Last minute changes or corrections are no longer a problem, simply edit the text. Or, if you are proofreading a document, inserting comments, underlining text or adding a strikethrough is a click away.
View the same document, different document, or open multiple documents in different views to quickly access what you need, when you need it. Turn on Sync™ and see all views pan and zoom in unison. Comparing document revisions has never been easier.
Continuous Draw
Immediate content loading in your workspace. Watch how content begins to appear in sections, giving you the ability to visualize the image before it is complete; pan and zoom as soon as you are ready.
More Speed
Revu is now faster to convert, faster to load, and faster to render PDF files. In addition, it consumes less memory in doing so.
Dynamic Default™
You can dynamically "Set as Default" markup properties. Change your red pen to blue, switch to the callout, and when you return to the pen, it's blue; no need to manually Set as Default.
Copy and Paste Pages
Select a page in the Thumbnails Tab and use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to quickly copy and paste a page into the same or different document. Or, use the right-context menu to do the same and so much more.
Track and Manage Markups
Powerful new tools make it easy to add custom columns or fields to your Markups list, reorder them or simply edit the content. Now you can sort and filter standard or custom fields allowing you to organize and align your review process. With the Summary tool, generate a .csv to export into Excel or a .pdf file for further archiving and tracking.
Tablet PC Enhancements
5.5 takes the Tablet PC experience further by adding a horizontal scroll bar, an option to startup with a blank page, and a one-click new page button.


Rotating annotations
All annotations (or markups) placed in a PDF may be rotated by any angle using the control point or properties panel.
Header, footers and Bates stamps
Page number, Bates stamp, date, etc. can be placed on a PDF file.
Redacting text and images
Redaction permanently removes text and images from a PDF. The data is extracted from the content stream. A customizable overlay (e.g., black box with or without text) is also available.
Comparing Documents
An advanced document comparison feature which highlights the differences between two revisions of a document. Annotations are applied to the PDF to indicate where changes exist.
Summary reports from markup list
The markup list can be exported as a comma separated file (.CSV), a new PDF file, or attached to the open PDF file. There is also the option to print directly from the markup list.
Repairing poor quality PDF files
Prior to version 5, an error message indicated when a PDF was corrupt or improperly generated. Version 5 now includes a feature to attempt a repair on the PDF so that in can view in Revu.
Stapler 2.0
The Bluebeam Stapler application has been completely redesigned to improve performance and provide more flexibility for combining and batch converting documents.
Properties panel changes
The property panel has been redesigned. It is now possible to enter specific X & Y coordinates to place annotations as well as to specify the size of certain annotations. For example you may now define the width and height of a rectangle annotation in exact inches or centimeters.
Grid, Snap, Reuse, and Sync
New buttons on the Revu desktop allow users to switch on and off grid, snap to grid, reuse of markup tool, and synchronize side-by-side view.
Vista 32-bit & Office 2007
Bluebeam Revu version 5 will now install on 32-bit versions of Microsoft Vista and Office 2007.

A collection of the Release Notes for Legacy versions of Revu.

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