Questions about Licensing and Installation

This article applies to:

  • Revu 20 & below
Revu 21 utilizes a subscription model, rather than a licensing and maintenance model. If you want more information about Revu 21, Bluebeam Plans, and/or subscription management, see the Bluebeam Subscription FAQ, or the Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide.
While Revu 20 is still supported, Revu 2019 & below are now End of Life (EOL). License registration for older versions is not guaranteed.

I need to transfer a seat from one device to another.

Follow these instructions to move your seat. If the device is no longer working and you’re the license admin, please contact us.

How do I add seats to my license?

As of September 30, 2023, Revu 20 has reached End of Sale. To learn more, click here.

You need to upgrade to Revu 21 to add more users.

How do I install Revu?

To view a step-by-step guide of how to install Revu on your Windows computer, click here.

I already own a license and need to redownload an older version of Revu.

We have older versions of Revu available to download here.

I want to upgrade to the latest version of Revu.

If you’re a license admin, you can purchase an upgrade. For more information see this article. If you have questions, contact us.

I need my product key.

If you can’t find your product key, please reach out to your license admin (typically the person who purchased Revu or your IT administrator). If you need the license sent to that person, send us the serial number so we can help.

How can I see all the licenses for my company’s account, and the registered computers for each license?

If you’re a license admin with Maintenance, you can log in to the Gateway to view license information. If not, please reach out to us for a full license list.

You can see a list of registered computers for a specific license here.

Is there a way to release seats from my Revu license(s)?

If you have Enterprise or Open license(s), your Gateway admin can revoke computers and view usage data in our online administrative portal, the Bluebeam Gateway.

For more information, check out our Gateway User Guide.

What is the Bluebeam Gateway?

The Bluebeam Gateway is an online administrative portal available for licenses with active Maintenance. Gateway admins (also called license admins) can make changes to their Bluebeam accounts, add or remove Drawings Uploaders, manage other Gateway admins, and more. For more information, check out our Gateway User Guide.

I’m having issues accessing my account or license in the Gateway.

Please contact us.

Are there any installation prerequisites?

Please refer to the Bluebeam Revu Compatibility Chart to confirm that the version of Revu you want to install is compatible with the operating system and associated software on your machine.

How do I register Revu?

After you purchase the software, you’ll receive a License Certificate which includes your serial number and product key used to register Revu. Please follow the instructions in How do I register Revu? to complete the software registration.

I receive an error message when trying to register. What does it mean?

Below are the most common error messages you might see during the registration process. Click the message to view its solution.

Can I deploy Revu using Microsoft Configuration Manager or Group Policy across my network?

Yes. Our deployment package offers administrators the flexibility to silently install Revu across enterprise computers using automation. The Revu Enterprise Deployment Guide includes best practices for using the deployment tool of your choice.


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Licensing & Registration

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