Revu Licensing Models

Bluebeam Revu 20 and below offers three different kinds of licenses for Revu. To identify the license type you have, check your serial number:

  • Perpetual license numbers begin with 1###### (ex: 1334567).
  • Enterprise licenses begin with 980#### (ex: 9804567).
  • Open licenses begin with 960#### (ex: 9604567).
Bluebeam is moving Revu from a licensing and maintenance model to a subscription model. For more information, see the Bluebeam Subscription FAQ.

Perpetual Licensing

Perpetual licenses register Revu to an individual workstation using a serial number and product key. After a one-time purchase, a perpetual license will never expire.

Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise licenses are designed to manage computer turnover by:

  • Automatically releasing registered computers that haven’t communicated with our licensing server after 15 days.
  • Providing a temporary 5% overage of the total number of allowed installations.

This licensing model is available for all editions of Revu and includes a Maintenance subscription.

Open Licensing

Open licenses are a cloud-based solution only available via Revu eXtreme that allow a company to share a common pool of licenses with multiple users and devices. When Revu is opened, a license is checked out from a shared pool of seats. The seat is checked back in whenever Revu is closed, or switched to View mode. Maintenance is included with every Open License purchase.

More information

Visit the Bluebeam Gateway Guide to learn more about license management.

For more in-depth information on Enterprise and Open Licensing, visit the Revu Administration Guide.

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Learn about the differences between the various license types available with Revu.

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