Using modifier keys to access additional markup functions | Revu 2017 & below

Putting every feature into a menu would make many tasks too complicated, so certain features of Revu can be accessed by simply holding down a key and clicking.

Let’s go over some of the many modifier keys in Revu. These keys alter the way your mouse normally interacts with various markups and tools. Some of these shortcuts will make it simple for you to quickly change the properties of a markup or tool, while others will help you open files more efficiently. Like all keyboard shortcuts, modifier keys will empower you to complete your work more quickly.


If you are ever unsure about how to modify a shape or line markup, the Shift key will likely be the answer.

As you may know, holding down Shift while using the Line line, Polyline polyline and Polygon polygon tools will snap the line to 0,  45 or 90 degrees. But did you know that this key will also create a circle or square when used with the Ellipse circle or Rectangle rectangle tool?

That’s not all: Shift can even be used while dragging a markup to move it in a straight line vertically or horizontally. If your work requires precise markup placement, this feature could be a lifesaver. You can also Add Leader leader lines to a Callout callout by holding down Shift while clicking the control point in the bend of the existing leader. Using Shift and clicking the control point of the leader’s point will Delete Leader leader-delete.

Be sure to try this modifier with other tools as well. You might be surprised by all the new things you can do!


Another helpful key to remember as you’re doing your markups is Alt, which provides two alternative methods of creating circles and arcs:

  • By holding Alt before you click and drag out an Ellipse circle, you can create a two-point circle, from the center outward. This tool is useful for drawing circles based on the measurement of a radius.
  • You can draw an Arc arc by clicking on three points of the arc’s radius while holding down Alt.


Like Shift, Ctrl has a number of useful, context-sensitive functions. For example, hold Ctrl and click on a file in the File Access file-access tab to open it in the background.

You may find yourself using Ctrl often for the following features:

  • Hold Ctrl and click a control point on a Polyline polyline or Polygon polygon  markup to convert a straight line to a curved line, or vice versa. This is a shortcut for Convert to Arc arc-convert-point.
  • On certain markups, such as the Polyline polyline, you can use Ctrl and click on a handlebar to curve only certain segments of a line, allowing you to highlight unique shapes in your blueprints.
  • Hold Ctrl while clicking on a control point to connect every point on a segment smoothly into an arc.


Using Ctrl while clicking on a handlebar to highlight a unique shape.

This article covers only the most essential modifier keys you will use in Revu. If you would like to see the entire list, check out the Modifier Keys List.

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