Navigating Revu faster with keyboard shortcuts | Revu 2019

Revu has a number of keyboard commands that can help you work more efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts are displayed on the right side of the menus, next to each command, and on the tool tip – the small popup that displays when the cursor hovers over a button in the toolbar. The full list of keyboard shortcuts is available by clicking Help > Keyboard Shortcuts Guide in Revu. The shortcuts in these tutorials are grouped together in similar types or tasks.

You can also edit and define your own keyboard shortcuts by going to Revu > Keyboard Shortcuts.

General navigation

The mouse wheel is useful for quickly navigating around document pages:

  • Rotate the mouse wheel to scroll or zoom (depending on the pointer selected in the Navigation Bar).
  • Hold the Ctrl key to toggle the mouse wheel between scroll and zoom.
  • Press and hold the mouse wheel to pan.
  • Double-click the mouse wheel to change the display to Fit Width (Ctrl+0) or Fit Page (Ctrl+9).
  • Another way of panning, without grabbing markups, is to hold down the Spacebar and then click and drag the page.
Click here to find out how to personalize the mouse wheel behavior.

Previous View and Next View buttons

Revu keeps track of each time you change your current view. The Previous (Alt+Left key) and Next view (Alt+Right key) and cycle through the view history – just like the Back and Forward buttons in your web browser.

These round Previous View and Next View buttons are in the Navigation Bar, just under the Main Workspace :

Drag to copy markups

  • Hold Ctrl and drag a markup to create and move a copy of the markup.
  • Hold Ctrl+Shift and drag a markup to copy it and move the copy in a straight line.

Rotating markups

You can rotate markups by dragging the top, blue control point. Markups will snap to 15-degree increments when rotated this way. For finer adjustments, hold Shift to rotate in 1-degree increments.

Drawing accurate shapes

  • Hold Shift while using line tools to constrain them to straight horizontal, vertical or 45-degree lines.
  • Hold Shift while using the Rectangle or Ellipse tool to create a square or a circle.
  • Hold Shift while using the Pen or Highlight tools to draw straight lines horizontally or vertically.

Temporarily disable Snap to Content and Markup

  • Hold Ctrl while dragging to temporarily disable markup snapping. Snapping is re-enabled when the key is released.

Hiding panels

If open panels are crowding your workspace, you can hide them all at once rather than closing each panel one by one by pressing Shift+F4.

Alternatively, you can go to Window > Hide Panels.

Switching tabs

Hold Ctrl, then press Tab to switch to the next tab to the right. Ctrl+Shift+Tab changes your active tab one to the left.

Closing tabs

Press Ctrl+W to close the current tab.

Revu has a number of keyboard commands that can rotate markups, hide panels, draw accurate shapes, and more. Learn how to use them here.

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