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This article applies to:

  • Revu 21


Even though you’ve purchased or upgraded to Revu 21 with a Bluebeam subscription plan (Basics, Core, or Complete), you haven’t received welcome emails from Bluebeam to activate your subscription account. Alternatively, you’re an Org Admin for your subscription, and new users you’ve added don’t receive onboarding emails to create/confirm their account.

Upon attempting to resend welcome/invitation emails via the Bluebeam Subscription Management Portal, you and/or your users don’t receive emails from Bluebeam. However, you and/or the users added to your subscription plan appear in the Bluebeam Subscription Management Portal with a Pending status under “User Overview” as if the emails were sent/received.

User Overview pending status Org Admin Portal


To resolve this issue, try the following:

  • Double-check your junk/spam folders for emails from Bluebeam.
  • Contact your IT team/department to make sure emails from and aren’t stuck in quarantine.
    If your IT team/department needs to whitelist Bluebeam domains to allow the delivery of emails, share this article.
  • You may resend the invitation email by going to this page. The resend invitation tool will only send emails to users in a Pending or Expired status.

Still experiencing issues after trying these solutions? Contact us by submitting a ticket. When submitting a ticket, be sure to select Subscription or License Registration Support and specify that you’re not receiving Bluebeam emails in the Subject and/or Describe Your Issue fields.

For more information about subscription onboarding, click here. If you’re the Org Admin (purchaser, upgrader, license admin) for your subscription plan(s) and would like more information about managing your account(s), please see the Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide.

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If you and/or your users aren’t receiving welcome emails for your Bluebeam subscription, learn how to troubleshoot here, so you can confirm your account and access Revu 21.

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