Page turns blue and scale is incorrect when doing measurements | Revu 2017 & below


Your drawing gets highlighted in blue whenever you try to take a measurement.


This happens in Revu 11 and above because the document contains at least one pre-existing Viewport which defines the scale and units of measurement.


You can remove the unwanted Viewports by following the steps listed below:

  • Expand the Viewports section of the Measurement tab.
  • Click the Clear All button to remove all of the viewports on that page.
  • Change the scale in the top Scale section of the Measurement tab.

Once you’ve cleared the unwanted Viewports, you can set a new scale by calibrating the drawing.

We also have another article explaining what to do if you’re unable to calibrate a document, as well as a video covering the same topic.

One thing to consider is that there may be times when you actually want viewports in your drawing, so to help you with this we have an FAQ explaining how you can use viewports to set multiple scales on single page.

You can also view video tutorials on PDF Measurement , the Measurement Enhancements in Revu 12 , and Takeoffs and Estimations , in addition to the FAQ section on our Support page, and the Revu Help Guide.

This article explains why your drawings turn blue while taking measurements and the scale can’t be set properly, and how to fix these issues.

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