PDFs do not display after Revu 20.2.80 or Revu 20.2.85 updates

Applies to:

  • Revu 20


After updating to Revu 20.2.80, PDFs won’t display after opening them, and the canvas remains blank.


  • You can resolve the issue by going to our Download Center and installing the latest version of Revu.
  • Alternatively, you can install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable supported by Microsoft.
    You may need to perform this step if you installed Revu 20.2.85 using the in-app updater because it won’t reconfigure the required libraries.
    1. Go to the Windows support site to access the download links for Visual C++ Redistributable.
    2. Download the x64 and x86 Windows Visual C++ installer by clicking the links next to x64 or x86.
      • x64 is for 64-bit operating systems.
      • x86 is for 32-bit operating systems.
    3. Run the installer by double-clicking the .exe file in your Downloads folder.
      You’ll need Windows administrator access to install the file. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact your IT admin.
    4. After the installation completes, reboot your computer and open a PDF in Revu.

If PDFs still don’t display after installing/reinstalling the latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable, please submit a support ticket here.


Revu 20

After updating to the latest version of Revu (20.2.80), PDFs won’t display after opening them. This article is about how to troubleshoot this issue.


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