Using custom columns for quantity takeoffs | Revu 2018

When performing quantity takeoffs in Revu, using custom columns can make your workflows more efficient. Choice columns and formula columns in particular can make your markups more dynamic and flexible.

Custom columns in the Markups List

Custom columns can be viewed, edited and managed within the Markups List (Alt + L):

  1. With the Markups List open, click Markups List > Columns > Manage Columns.
  2. In the dialog window that appears, click the Custom Columns
  3. Click Add.

In this article, we’ll focus on the choice and formula columns. You can learn more about all of the custom column types here.

Choice columns

Choice columns create a drop-down menu of user-defined selections in the Markups List, allowing you to apply additional data and context to the markups you create.  For example, a choice column with the name “Materials” could contain a drop-down with different types of building materials within it. By assigning a value to each of your material markups, you could then create a summary report that outlines the amount of required materials for your job (Summary > PDF Summary).

Your choice items can also have numeric values assigned to them, which can be used in conjunction with formula columns to generate costs.

Formula columns

Formula columns allow you to perform mathematical operations between multiple columns. In combination with choice columns, this can be a very powerful tool. Using the Materials column as an example again, you could create a formula column that multiplies your measurements by the numeric value you assigned to each of your materials, providing you with a cost estimate for each item. More information on this workflow can be found in the Help manual.

More possibilities

Additional columns can be created to expand the data displayed in the Markups List. For example, you could create a formula column to calculate charges for installation time. Choice columns can also be created to define which discipline or contractor would complete the job. When performing your next takeoff, be sure to utilize custom columns and the flexibility of the Markups List.

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