Is it Possible to Reassign Ownership of My Studio Sessions or Projects using Revu for Mac?

Have you ever needed to transfer ownership of your Studio Sessions or Projects? Maybe you’re moving on to a new project team, or simply want to delegate control of a Session or Project to one of your colleagues.

We’ll cover the actual steps for doing so in the following sections, but in general, you can reassign the ownership of a Studio Session by going to the Bluebeam Studio Portal. The process for Studio Projects is a bit different in that you’ll need to go into the Studio Project Settings and grant Full Control to a delegate.

Reassigning Session Ownership

To begin reassigning ownership of a Studio Session, use your Bluebeam Studio account to log in to the Bluebeam Studio Portal and click My Sessions on the left side of the page.

When the list of Sessions appears, click the one that you want to reassign and then click Reassign Ownership.

This is where you’ll complete the ownership change by entering the email address of the new owner and clicking Apply. At this point you’ll no longer be the owner or have any control over the Session.

The email address you enter must match what the new owner uses when logging in to their Bluebeam Studio account.
The new owner must have a Studio account before you can enter the email address. If they don’t already have one, please refer to our FAQ about creating a Studio account in Revu for Mac.

Granting Full Control of Studio Projects

Studio Projects can’t be re-assigned in the same way that Sessions can, so you’ll need to grant Full Control to a delegate. For this process to work, the new person must already have a Bluebeam Studio account, and logged in to the Project at least once.

They don’t have to be currently logged in to the Project while you’re granting Full Control.

If they don’t already have a Studio account, please refer them to our FAQ about creating a Studio account in Revu for Mac.
  1. Once they’ve done that, you can log in to the Project and click Project Settings studio-project-settings, and then click the Permissions
  2. Click the plus below the Users/Groups list, select the desired user from the list in the Add Users/Groups dialog box, and click OK.
  3. Now that you’re back at the Permissions tab in the Project Settings dialog box, select the user’s email address from the Users/Groups list on the left, and Full Control under Permissions on the right, and then click the associated dropdown menu and choose Allow.
  4. Click Apply and OK to close the Project Settings dialog box.

The user now has complete control over the User Access, Permissions and Folder Permissions tabs.

Because the Host still owns the Project and all Groups they’ve created, users with Full Control cannot block or remove the Host from the Project, or edit their Groups (add or remove users).

For more information about Studio Project Permissions and Bluebeam Studio in general, please check out the video tutorials and FAQ’s on our Support page, as well as the Revu for Mac Help Guide.

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