Recover Unsaved Changes isn’t responding

Applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Revu 20
  • Revu 2019
  • Revu 2018


You encounter the Recover Unsaved Changes pop-up window upon opening Revu.

Recover Unsaved Changes

Revu either freezes when you try to recover or remove a file, or the notice appears accompanied by the same files every time you launch the program. This occurs even if you recovered/removed those files in a previous instance of Revu.


When this happens, there’s usually a file in the Recovery folder causing an issue in the backend of the program.


To restore proper functionality to the Recover Unsaved Changes dialog box, you’ll need to clear the cache of recovery files on your local drive.

  1. Close Revu.
  2. Copy and paste the following relative path in the File Explorer search bar:
    If you’re not using Revu 20, be sure to replace it with the applicable version (ex. Bluebeam\Revu\2019\).
  3. Delete all content inside the Recovery folder.
  4. Relaunch Revu.

The Recover Unsaved Changes pop-up window should no longer freeze or appear upon opening the program.


Revu 2018

Revu 2019

Revu 20

Revu 21

PDF Management

Drawing Management

Editing Documents

Find out why Recover Unsaved Changes isn’t functioning properly and how to fix it.

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