Bluebeam Q Release Notes

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This update contains a number of enhancements and resolved issues, including:
  • Protected Word documents now successfully convert to PDF
  • PDF Stamps are now accessible from the Q Manager
  • Stamps can now be applied without issues via the scripting API, and when All Pages is selected
  • Resolved an installation problem with the Network Printer and .NET 3.5
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when selecting and applying Style Sheet values in the Q Advanced settings menu
  • DWG files no longer convert to blank PDFs


Reduce File Size

Q now includes Reduce File Size scripting support via the Watch Folders interface, Script Engine, and API.

Windows 8 and Server 2012 Operating System Support

Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows 8, as well as 64-bit Windows Server 2012.

AutoCAD 2013 & 2014, SolidWorks 2012 & 2013, Office 2013 Support

Q now supports the latest versions of AutoCAD (2013 & 2014), SolidWorks (2012 & 2013), and MS Office (2013).


PDF/A SupportQ now supports creating PDF/A -1b compliant files through the Watched Folders interface, the Net PDF printer, the Script Engine (through both stand-alone and Watched Folder scripts), and in the API.AutoCAD 2012, SolidWorks 2011Q now supports the latest versions of AutoCAD (2012), and SolidWorks (2011).Location and Size Support in API and ScriptingMarkupGet and MarkupSet commands in scripting and the API now allow accessing and changing the location and size of a markup.


Script Engine

A powerful scripting engine to automate multi-step processes is now available. Scripts are now integrated into the Watched Folder and API interfaces, and supported via command line.

Scripting Features

Users can invoke scripts to automate inserting/deleting/exporting/replacing/rotating pages, adding headers/footers, applying PDF security, flattening and unflattening markups, repairing PDF content, adding document properties, and printing PDFs.

Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition Support

Support for Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database.

AutoCAD 2011, SolidWorks 2010, Office 2010

Q now supports the latest versions of AutoCAD (2011), SolidWorks (2010), and MS Office (2010).

Windows 7 and Server 2008

Q now supports the latest Windows OS versions, 32-bit and 64-bit (Server 2008 / Vista / Windows 7).

Network Print Client

Q now features a .NET print client (network printer) supporting both 32-bit and x64 client machines.

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Bluebeam Q

Release Notes

Release Notes

Learn what’s been fixed and what’s been changed in Bluebeam Q.

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