Revu for iPad Release Notes


Resolved issues
  • This release fixes a few major bugs that prevented users from using iPad normally. To achieve this, we’re reverting functionality to the previous version.
  • After the upgrade, you’ll notice that the Bluebeam Studio login has been restored back to the traditional login style. This is because we removed the newer login functionality to address some underlying issues.
  • If you were logging into Studio using a server in Germany, this option won’t appear in the Sign In dropdown options. If you aren’t experiencing any issues with 3.10.0 and need this functionality, we recommend not upgrading.



After releasing Revu for iPad 3.10.0, we identified an issue that prevents some users from using Revu for iPad normally. This issue is resolved in the 3.10.1 release. If you’re experiencing these issues, download the latest version.

Resolved issues
  • Improved Studio login functionality. Users can keep their Studio login active for up to 30 days at a time, even while offline or when Revu is closed. Cached Studio documents will be available to offline users for as long as their Studio login is active. Users whose login has expired will be prompted to go online and renew it.
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.



What’s new
  • Added support for the newly launched Studio instance in Australia to meet Australian data residency requirements.
Resolved issues
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.



Resolved issues
  • Fixes an issue causing some Studio Enterprise users to be unable to check in Project files.



Resolved issues
  • Fixed a bug preventing some Studio Enterprise users from accessing their Studio Projects.
  • Corrected an issue forcing some users to restart the application after switching Studio servers in order to access their Studio Projects.



Resolved issues
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.



Resolved issues
  • Corrected an issue preventing users from opening documents in Box.
  • Other bug fixes and general improvements.



Resolved issue
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.



Resolved issues
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.



Resolved issues
  • Fixes an issue with Studio GO that prevented users from opening certain documents in Studio.



Resolved Issues
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • iPadOS compatibility improvements



Resolved Issues

Stability and performance improvements.



Resolved Issue

General compatibility changes.



Resolved Issues

Fixed bug affecting stability when swiping through multi-page PDFs.



Resolved Issues
  • Stability and performance improvements.



Resolved Issues
  • Resolved issue with saving a PDF with the “Save As” command.
  • Resolved issue with the Measurements tab becoming disabled.
  • Resolved issue with calibration of Measurements when using millimeters.
  • Resolved issue with Measurements when using certain characters.



iOS 11 Compatibility

Revu iPad now officially supports iOS 11.



Resolved Issues
  • Support for Egnyte – access and sync your files and folders.
  • Resolved issue with form Flatten.
  • Resolved issue with applying filter to Layer column.
  • Resolved issue affecting some Studio Session Markups.
  • Stability and performance improvements.



Resolved Issues
  • Support for Dropbox’s API v2
  • Resolved issue with Markups shifting



Support for Revu 2017 for Windows
  • Ability to render and interact with new measurement markups created in Revu 2017: Polylength, Slope, Custom counts/columns, Width/height, Depth & wall area


3.8.2 – Vu iPad (only)

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed issue in Vu iPad that caused the Tool Chest tab to not appear.



Resolved Issues
  • Resolved issue affecting check-in of some Studio Project files.



AirPrint Support

Print documents to an AirPrint printer.

Overall Improvements and Resolved Issues
  • Improved syncing speeds for Studio Projects.
  • Stability and performance improvements.



iOS 10 Compatibility

Revu iPad now officially supports iOS 10.



Resolved Issues
  • Syncing new local files to a Project no longer results in data loss.
  • Filtering the Markups list by layer will not cause the app to crash.
  • Fixed issues with accessing Studio Projects via the Studio panel.
  • Addressed issue that caused the inability to check out files in Studio Projects.



Resolved Issues
  • Fixed connection issue with Studio.
  • Addressed issue with app crashing when creating a new Studio account.



Studio Sessions Offline

Continue working on Session documents without an internet connection

Resolved Issues
  • Loss of Status when opening another document
  • Open-In from Email not working
  • Stability and performance improvements



Resolved Issues
  • Fixed instances of hyperlinks breaking with locally stored Projects documents
  • Ability to change WebDAV password without deleting and re-adding
  • Stability and performance improvements



Redesigned Document Manager

Improved cloud account management, file navigation and syncing.

Tech Support – Screen Share

Screen share option now available during tech support calls.

Resolved Issues
  • Resolved an issue with some hyperlinks not functioning properly.
  • Addressed an issue that caused an invalid file error when opening certain documents.
  • Additional fixes, and stability and performance improvements.



iOS 9 Compatibility

Revu iPad now officially supports iOS 9.

Overall Improvements

Stability improvements and fixes.



Overall Improvements

Fixed issues that caused the app to crash when syncing large numbers of files.



Flatten Forms

Now when flattening documents, forms will be flattened as well. However, please note that form fields cannot be unflattened.

Resolved Issues
  • Hyperlinks opening incorrect pages if previous PDF not closed
  • Opening a hyperlink folder opens empty
  • From data not retained when lines have autocorrected text



64 Bit Support

Compatible with 64 bit devices.

Overall Improvements

Fixed issues including a crash when working offline with Box as well as hyperlinks appearing dead when offline.



Stamp Tool
  • Use the Stamp tool in the Markup toolbar to add “rubber stamp” comments
  • Manage Stamps by importing and deleting them in the app
  • Support for Stamps with dynamic elements created in Bluebeam Revu for Windows (does not include JavaScript)
Overall Improvements

Issue fixes including support for iOS 8.3



Overall Improvements

Resolves issues with the Pen and Highlighter tool and adding images through the Document Manager for Capture.


Automatic Session Expiration

Studio Sessions created on the iPad now can be set to automatically expire at a specific date and time. When that period has expired, markup activity and Session access are automatically restricted, and notification emails are sent to all attendees leading up to the expiration.

Overall Improvements

Bug fixes.



Overall Improvements

Fixed bugs and resolved issue that prevented users from adding an image to a document, as well as an issue with Capture that affected iOS7 devices only.



Studio GO

View, navigate and markup PDFs faster than ever with no modifications to your original document. Studio GO™ provides immediate access to your Studio Session and Studio Project drawings with an all-new instant rendering engine for your single sheet, large format documents.

Background Sync

Continue working on your files within Revu while a sync job is in progress-applicable for all supported cloud services.

Capture 2.0

Capture now supports video recording and can be played back directly from each markup’s Capture viewer. The Capture column in the Markups list shows which markups contain Capture media.


The new Cloud+ markup combines the functionality of the Cloud and Callout markups into a single tool.

Support for folder hyperlinks, which opens the Document Manager to the hyperlinked directory.



iOS 8 compatibility

Revu iPad 2.9.1 officially supports iOS 8.



Push Notifications

Users can opt in to receive push notifications for Markup Alerts. Alerts will navigate directly to the markup of interest in the associated Session.

Other Enhancements

Bug fixes.



This update is to help those experiencing Revu 2.8 updating issues on the App Store.

Studio Email Notifications Compatibility

Improved support for Studio Session hyperlinks in Markup Alert notification emails. Hyperlinks now navigate directly to the markup of interest in the associated Session.

Other Enhancements

Resolved issues including instances of users not being able to edit text markups or open attachments, as well as an upgrade issue that occurred when accessing a Studio Project.



Overall Improvements

Fixed bugs and improved overall stability in Studio.



Citrix ShareFile Support

Access files and folders, upload new files and edit PDFs from Citrix ShareFile.

Signature Tool
  • Draw an electronic signature and edit its properties in an enlarged preview.
  • Save signatures for future use in the new Signatures tool set.
Export Tool Sets

Export tool sets via email, or by uploading them to a supported cloud service.

Help Guide

Learn more about using Revu and its features with a new, integrated Help Guide.



Overall Improvements

Fixed Webdav authentication issue.



Extract & Email

Select specific pages in a document to extract and email from the Thumbnails tab.

Markup Enhancements

Set a preference to utilize the Magnified Viewer when drawing and resizing any type of markup.

Open In File Support

View any file type from Box, Dropbox, WebDAV and Studio Projects, or via iTunes, by selecting a supporting application from the Document Manager.

Attachments Support
  • Open any type of file attachment on a PDF by selecting a supporting application.
  • View attached PDFs and common image, audio and video file types directly within Revu.
Other Improvements

Studio enhancements and bug fixes.



  • Embed multiple photos into your markups from the Camera tool, Photo Library or cloud storage.
  • View and manage Capture photos via a convenient pop-up viewer.
Reply to Markups
  • View, add, delete and edit replies to markups in the Markups list.
Measurement Enhancements
  • Radius tool has been added to the Field Measurement tools.
  • Perimeter and Area measurements now include a Depth parameter for calculating Wall Area and Volume.
  • Wall Area column has been added to the Markups list.
  • Support for SmartGroup™ measurement summation.



Clear Viewports Button

Remove unwanted or erroneous viewports created outside of Revu iPad

iOS 7 Compatibility

Fully compatible with iOS7

Other Enhancements
  • Camera Tool now includes a full screen viewer
  • Fixed issues and improved overall stability



Overall Improvements

Fixed minor issues and improved stability.



Lasso and Selection Box

Use the Lasso and Selection Box tools to multi-select markups for modification, cut/copy/pasting and deletion.

Other Enhancements
  • Improved download performance when syncing files from Box.
  • Fixed issue hindering offline file browsing speed within the Document Manager.
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 7. Official iOS 7 support will be introduced in the next release.



Form Filling

PDF AcroForms can now be filled out and saved

Field Measurement Tools
  • Calibration, Length, Area, Perimeter, Volume and Count measurement tools
  • Ability to view, calibrate and embed scales in PDFs
  • Magnified viewer for measurement annotation precision and adjustment
  • Support for scripted calculations when filling out forms
  • Use of custom column formulas created in Revu Windows
Pen Tool Upgrade

Enhanced line redraw and smoothness for improved handwriting performance using the Pen tool

Text Input Enhancements

Speech to text, spellcheck and text copy/paste

2-finger pan support

Two-finger panning while a markup tool is selected



Overall Improvements

Fixed bugs and improved overall stability.



Go backwards and forward with web-like Previous View and Next View navigation buttons.

Photo Preferences

Adjust the resolution of image attachments using the Photo Preferences.

Other Enhancements

Fixed additional issues and improved overall performance.



Studio Projects Support

Access Studio Projects created in the Windows version of Revu, upload new files, Check Out and Check In PDFs and edit PDFs offline.

Sync Enhancements

Perform 2-way (upload and download) file and folder sync from Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and Studio Projects via the Document Manager.

Markup Enhancements
  • Configure text markups, including callouts, with an Auto Size option to resize text as the markup gets resized.
  • Leader lines will automatically re-attach to the appropriate side of the text box when moving callouts.
  • Cloud properties now include the ability to modify the size of cloud curves.
Other Enhancements
  • Record Audio and Video markups that will be saved to the PDF as an attachment, using the iPad’s built-in microphone and camera.
  • “Save as” has been added to the File Options menu.
  • Image attachments are now represented by a new icon.




Sync down files and entire folders from Dropbox, Box or via a WebDAV connection using the Document Manager.

Search for text in a PDF. Results will display in a list. Tapping a result will take you directly to its location on the PDF.

Tool Chest Details Mode

Access markup details in the Tool Chest, which were created in the Windows version of Revu.

Bookmark Enhancements

Rename bookmarks by simply double tapping them in the Bookmarks list.

Add and Delete Pages

Insert new pages and delete existing pages in PDFs from the Thumbnails tab.

Reorder Pages

Rearrange pages in a PDF with a simple drag and drop. Tap and hold a page from the Thumbnails tab to drag it.

Multi-select Mode

Multi-select mode enables you to rotate and delete multiple pages all at once from the Thumbnails tab.

Other Enhancements
  • View Spaces in PDFs that were created in the Windows version of Revu.
  • Save files with another file name using “Save As.” Simply tap and hold the file name on the document tab to Save As.
  • Fixed an issue where emailing a PDF directly from Revu iPad on iOS6 may cause the app to freeze or crash.



Rotate Pages

Place your index finger and thumb on the thumbnail view of any page and twist to rotate the page.


Capture an area of a PDF and paste it to another PDF or page.

Flatten Markups

Flatten your markups into the PDF content to make them a permanent, unchangeable part of your PDF.


Add bookmarks to PDFs through the Bookmarks Tab.

Other Enhancements
  • Support for international regional formatting.
  • More rendering preferences added.
  • Dropbox, Box and WebDAV accounts can now be edited through the Document Manager.



Camera Tool

Easily take photos using the iPad’s built-in camera, and insert them directly to a PDF using the Camera Tool located on the Markups Toolbar.

Delete Markup Button

Delete Markup button has been added to the Markup Toolbar for easy access.


3.9.10Resolved issueBug fixes and general improvements.3.9.9Resolved issueBug fixes and general improvements.3.9.8Resolved issueFixes an issue with Studio GO that prevented users from opening certain documents in Studio.3.9.7Resolved IssueBug fixes and performance improvementsiPadOS compatibility improvements3.9.6Resolved IssueStability and performance improvements.3.9.5Resolved IssueGeneral compatibility changes.3.9.4Resolved IssueFixed bug affecting stability when swiping through multi-page PDFs.3.9.3Resolved IssuesStability and performance improvements.3.9.2Resolved IssuesResolved issue with saving a PDF with the “Save As” command.Resolved issue with the Measurements tab becoming disabled.Resolved issue with calibration of Measurements when using millimeters.Resolved issue with Measurements when using certain characters.3.9.1iOS 11 CompatibilityRevu iPad now officially supports iOS 11.3.9Resolved IssuesSupport for Egnyte – access and sync your files and folders.Resolved issue with f

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