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Support for Upcoming Revu 2015
Windows Authentication for Connection to SQL

Leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure to set up Studio and control access to creating and modifying the SQL databases. This is an alternative to Mixed Mode authentication for advanced SQL access control. Requires Revu 2015 to use single sign-on.

Projects Data Purge

Purge deleted Projects and their items (files and folders) from the database after a specified amount of time to manage SQL database size requirements. The number of file revisions in Projects can also be defined and automatically maintained by Studio.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed issue in which user could create a lockout scenario while setting up AD Integration
  • Fixed issue with losing connection when following a user in a Session
  • Fixed issue with Unicode character support in Active Directory for group management
  • Fixed issue with using special characters in Project folder names
  • Fixed issue with uploading very large files to a Project


Resolved Issues
  • Fixed issue for users unable to finalize Sessions in certain cases after using Revu 12.5.
  • Users with a large number of Active Directory groups will no longer have trouble setting up Studio Enterprise AD access.
  • Addressed issue with SQL database deployment failing due to case sensitivity settings on SQL Server.


Support for Revu 12.5

Studio Enterprise 3.0, formerly Studio Server, introduces compatibility for Revu 12.5 and the following new features:

  • Markup Alerts: Notify individual Session attendees of markups in need of their attention. New Session Notification panel ensures recipients can easily navigate and manage all Markup Alerts received.
  • Seamless Offline for Sessions: Continue viewing, marking up and uploading Session documents when working offline. All changes will upload when connectivity is restored.
  • Server Switching: Switch between private Studio Enterprise servers and the Studio cloud more easily.
Support for Revu/Vu iPad 2.8

Studio Enterprise 3.0 introduces compatibility for Revu/Vu iPad 2.8.

Support for Push Email Notifications

Session and Project participants can now opt to receive timely email notifications of the following activity:

  • When Session or Project documents are added or removed.
  • When Project documents are checked in with changes.
  • When any attendee updates their Session Status.
  • When a Markup Alert is received from another attendee. Markup Alert emails contain a direct link to that exact area of the Session document.
Active Directory Integration

Use your existing Active Directory infrastructure to restrict who can access your server. Requires Revu 12.5 and above.

Default Server Permissions

Apply default user permissions to new accounts created on your server by domain or Active Directory. Existing user permissions can also be modified via the portal. Available Studio Enterprise 3.0 permissions are:

  • Server Access: When enabled, the user can log into Studio Enterprise and participate in available Studio Projects and Sessions.
  • Create Project: When enabled, the user can create Studio Projects.
  • Create Session: When enabled, the user can create Studio Sessions.
Improved Password Complexity Support

Improve security by requiring users to update and create Studio accounts with strong password requirements. Studio Enterprise now supports two password types:

  • Simple: Between 8 and 32 characters.
  • Complex: Between 8 and 32 characters, and must include a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, one number and one special character.
Projects File Revision Support

Store and track the history of a Project file, and restore previous versions. Requires Revu 12.5 and above.

Projects Deferred Delete

Easily recover a deleted file or Project via the Administrative Panel.

Simplified Installation

A new and improved installer streamlines the installation process.

Update Server Host Name

Update the host name any time after installation.

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed license expiration issue that caused connectivity errors.


Installer improvements
  • The installer proceeds if pre-installed server dependencies are newer than required in the installer.
  • The installer proceeds when it deploys to a new server configured to use an existing Studio database.
  • The installer properly connects to the database using the database name and instance name specified during configuration.


Support for Revu 12.x

Studio Server 2.3 introduces compatibility for users connecting via Revu 12.x.

Session Permission – Full Control

Session hosts using Revu 12.x can now assign Full Control to Session attendees, granting them the same administrative rights as the host.

Remove Session/Project From List

Revu 11.x and 12.x users can now remove entries from their list of attended Sessions and Projects.

Security Enhancements
  • SSL support for sending emails via SMTP
  • Newly created accounts will expire after three days if users do not validate account via email
  • Improved brute-force attack protection: Login execution times will increase exponentially after 10 failed attempts
Reassign Session Owner

Session hosts can assign a new Session owner from the Studio Server Administrative Panel.

Settings Data Migration

When upgrading to Studio Server 2.3, data stored in settings.xml (Studio Server 2.0.x through 2.2.x) will be migrated to the Studio Server Database during installation.


Security Enhancements

Further protection from outside threats has been incorporated.

Studio Server 2.2.3 has attained the following assurances:

  • Verified PCI Compliant by Cenzic, Inc.
  • Passed testing based on OWASP top 10 security threats, administered by Cenzic, Inc.


Support for Studio Projects on Revu iPad

You can now access and upload files to a Project on Studio Server from Revu iPad 1.4 and higher.

Issue regarding renaming locked files in a Studio Project now addressed

An issue in which a Studio user could rename a file that was locked has been addressed to maintain file integrity.

Studio Templates Compatibility Update

Studio Invitation templates have been updated to mention compatibility with Revu 11.


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