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Bluebeam Studio is our cloud-based collaboration platform included in all versions and editions of Revu. This technology helps teams and organizations manage work projects using a Windows or Mac OS computer, Windows tablet, or iPad.

Users can create or join Studio Sessions and Studio Projects, then upload PDFs and other file types, allowing them to collaborate with their partners in real time.

Studio Connections

If your users are experiencing connection issues, please refer to “Error: Could not connect to Bluebeam Studio (2018).”

Bluebeam Studio Portal

To help users manage various aspects of their Bluebeam Studio presence, we have created the Bluebeam Studio Portal. After they’ve logged in with their Studio account credentials, they will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Manage their Studio Profile
  • Email address changes
  • View a list of Sessions they have created
  • Reassign ownership of their Sessions
  • View a list documents in their Sessions
  • View lists of attendees for their Sessions

Additional Resources

If you or your users have further questions about using Bluebeam Studio, please refer to, as well as the Bluebeam Support site where you can find information about various aspects of the technology including:

  • An overview of Bluebeam Studio
  • Best Practices for Bluebeam Studio, which highlights “Practical Considerations for Large Project Collaboration.”
  • Creating a Studio account using Revu, Revu for Mac, or Revu or Vu for iPad
  • File upload or download failures
  • Inability to receive Studio related emails
  • Configuring Studio Notifications and Alerts in Revu and Revu for Mac
  • Setting Studio Project folder permissions in Revu and Revu for Mac
  • Information about Studio Prime and Studio Enterprise
  • Our free training videos
  • The Help Guides for Revu, Revu for Mac, and Rev for iPad

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