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6. The Tool Chest

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More in-depth information about the Tool Chest can also be found in the Revu Manual, but essentially it’s a convenient location where users can find the Tool Sets used for marking up PDF documents in Revu.

Managing Tool Sets

All tool sets are saved as .btx files that can be copied to a network drive or sent directly to users. As with Profiles, Tools Sets can be imported directly in Revu by double-click a .btx file, or from within Manage Tool Sets dialog

To export a Tool Set open the Manage Tool Sets dialog, select the Tool Set and click Export. When the Save As dialog opens, navigate to the destination folder you want to export it to, and click save. If your users will be sharing this Tool Set, you will need to save it to a network location they can access.

You can also distribute Tool Sets using a command line script as described in the Revu Deployment Guide.

Using Shared Tool Sets on a Network Location

If your users will be sharing a standardized Toolset, you can “link” its location in network location to which they have adequate folder permissions. To do this you’ll need to follow the steps listed in the Revu Manual.

Although Tool Sets located in a shared network location can be used while a user is offline, they will always be in a locked state by default. Meaning they cannot be updated or checked out by the end-user.

A locked Tool Set appears in the in the Tool Chest with a blue padlock located to the right of its name.

As the Administrator, you can grant any team member the permissions needed to update a Toolset, but a user can also request permissions by clicking the padlock icon. Once they have permissions the icon will change to a checkmark. Changes made to a Tool Set affect all users sharing it.

Read-Only Tool Sets

If you want to prevent changes to a shared Tool Set, you can set its properties to read-only by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the network location of the Tool Set.
  • Right-click on it and select Properties in the pop-up menu.
  • Click the Read Only checkbox, and then click Apply and OK.

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Learn how to manage the Tool Chest in your Revu deployment.

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