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When trying to access tools from a particular set in your Tool Chest, you receive the following message: “Error Loading Tool Set.”


This error message appears because Revu is unable to load the .btx file associated with your tool set.


To recover your tool sets, you must back up and reset your settings. Then you must import your tool sets back into the Tool Chest.

Backing up your settings

  1. Go to Revu Preferences  (Ctrl+K).
  2. Select Admin from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Under the Options tab, select Backup.
  4. Choose a location on your local drive to save a zipped folder of your backed up settings.
  5. Click Save.

Resetting Revu settings

You’ll need to reset your settings in Revu before you can re-import your tools.

  1. Reopen Revu Preferences (Ctrl+K).
  2. Select Admin from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Under Options, select Reset.
  4. When prompted, select OK to confirm the reset.

Revu will automatically close and reopen with your settings reset.

Re-importing your tool sets

  1. Locate the Revu Settings Backup folder you saved to your local drive.
  2. Extract/unzip the files in the zipped folder.
  3. In Revu, open the  Tool Chest (Alt+X).
  4. At the top of the panel, select  Tool Chest  > Manage Tool Sets.
  5. Select Import… .
  6. Select the My Tools .btx file in the backup folder.
  7. Select Open.

Your tool sets should be restored and accessible.

If the error message persists, the profile associated with your tool sets may be corrupt. For more information, please see Importing and Exporting Profiles. If your version of Revu was deployed for a multi-user setting, you’ll need to contact your IT administrator or department for further details.


Error Message

Tool sets aren’t accessible in the tool chest.


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